Treatment of morbid obesity

Surgical Treatment Of Morbid Obesity (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

According to statistics, in economically developed countries, 30-45% of the population are overweight, 3-5% of whom are obese. This diagnosis applies if the body mass of a person is 45-50% higher than normal.

The main problem of this disease is the virtually inevitable emergence of a number of other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, joints, spine, lower limb veins, and others.

So the diagnosis of "morbid obesity" means that overweight seriously threatens human health and urgent serious measures need to be taken.

How to determine the morbid obesity

The body mass index (BMI) is very simple to calculate - the weight in kilograms must be divided into square growth in meters. The BMI within the 18-25 is the norm. All of the above means overweight.

In morbid obesity, BMI exceeds 40. For example, for women of height 170 cm normal values ​​of 52-72 kg, for the diagnosis of "morbid obesity" the arrow of the weights should be transported for 110 kg.

This disease is genetically determined, therefore it is often found among members of one family. Recently, however, doctors have seen a rather sad picture. Increasingly, the usual obesity goes into the morbid stage. This problem is especially relevant in the United States, and it binds it with the overwhelming enthusiasm of the population by fast food and sweet fizzy drinks.

Treatment of morbid obesity

If obesity has become morbid, to sit down on a diet and to be registered in a fitness club is too late. It will not help and liposuction. For one such operation, the patient will lose from the strength of 4-5 kg, which in excess of dozens of special role will not play. But to lose weight to a patient is simply necessary, because it directly depends on his life.

In the treatment of morbid obesity, one of two surgical methods is most often used.

  1. The installation of the bandage is the most popular method of treatment of morbid obesity (we recommend buying bonds here -, in which two thirds of patients lose up to 60% of excess weight. The stomach should be provided with a silicone ring that is tightened or dissolved depending on the number of pounds that the patient should lose. Above the ring is only a part of the stomach connected with another organ with a small aperture. The upper part is quickly filled with a small amount of food, causing a person to feel saturated. A huge plus operation is that the bandage is installed laparascopically through small punctures in the abdominal cavity.
  2. Surgical removal of the stomach is a less popular and slightly outdated method in which the organ is converted into a thin tube. The patient can eat anything, but in very small quantities. Large portions of food can cause stretching in the suture, which is sewn on the outside of the stomach, holes may appear, which often leads to a fatal outcome. However, sometimes doctors combine both methods if the patient has 2 types of diabetes mellitus with BMI greater than 45 (more than 130 kg at an elevation of 170 cm).

It is worth noting that operations, although they help in the treatment of morbid obesity, but without changing the diet and lifestyle is completely useless.

Treatment of morbid obesity

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