Treatment of alcoholism

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What to do if you understand that it is impossible to live so much - alcohol spoils life, suffers from the dependent and his close surroundings - his wife, parents, children. What to do if, as if it were, a normal hard-working man who did not drink something, yes, some in the company at the table charm-friend. And that's all. About the treatment of alcoholism, even the language does not go.

But, somehow gradually you begin to realize that your close person often began to come "drunk". It seems like an excuse was: a birthday at an employee, washed a new car of one, the neighbor helped, that's about to be sick, it's inconvenient to refuse. And so on. There are many reasons.

All this is called an alarming sign that the transition from the "holidays" to the honey is very small. This is a thin line that can quickly grow into unbreakable drunkenness. And it is happening now. It's important not to miss this moment and take timely action.

A big problem, which sometimes seems insurmountable, is that a drinker does not recognize himself an alcoholic. If he immediately tells this news and proposes to be coded or go to the clinic for treatment, he is offended. Immediately there will be a protective reaction: "I can not drink, I just do not want to throw it now, I'm not an alcoholic, so with friends a bit." And it's useless to say the opposite. The person closes, and as often happens, he begins to take alcohol even in larger volumes. Practice shows that no other person has stopped drinking and did not turn to the doctor for help without his own desire. And no exhortations, threats, tears of relatives in this will not help. Only your own choice. And that he finally made this choice, it is necessary to correctly approach the solution of the problem.

If, however, a person begins to admit that, yes, he is an alcoholic, then you can slowly bring him to the point that the necessary medical aid. It is best to do this when a person, being in a long bite, realizes that it is very bad for him that the next portion of alcohol is no longer satisfying, the hangover becomes more and more painful and more difficult every day because no means are helping out anymore. This moment is considered to be the most favorable for him to make a decision to call his doctor home or go to a narcological clinic even now.

Methods of treating alcoholism

Every day we meet advertisements and even reviews that there is a medical procedure that reliably helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. However, it is not worth believing in the word - there are no statistics or other concrete evidence of "miracles". Real sobriety is a conscious refusal of harmful passion, willful effort. It is impossible to defeat the disease, once having done something, taking a pill or having passed the procedure. To cure alcoholism, you need to know that this is a disease, first and foremost, spiritual. It manifests itself in the fact that the patient can not properly build relationships with people around him.

Medicine helps in the early stages of the disease, as well as in acute poisoning and white fever. However, detoxification is the elimination of the symptoms of the disease, but not its therapy. All life medicine can not save a person.

How to help a drinker? If it's important for you, remember that it's a person, despite its not always pleasant looks and behavior. In the depths of the soul an alcoholic waits for help and suffers.

What methods of treatment for alcoholism exist today?


The name comes from the same name drug that was developed in Soviet times, but is now no longer applicable. In our time, torpedo is any method based on the introduction into the patient's blood of substances for therapeutic purposes. The patient and his relatives believe that there are new and proven medications that will deprive the patient of long-term alcohol dependence (called the exact period of time). Often the patient leaves a receipt for what he knows: alcohol consumption during this period can lead to death.

At the heart of the technique is intimidation. Often, after "treatment", a patient is provocative or verifiable. The patient drinks a bit of vodka, after which the reaction is supposedly taking place - stopping of breathing or spasm in the throat. Under the impression of an alcoholic event do not drink some time, usually several weeks, then everything starts on the new one. After all, each, though slightly educated, the person knows that in the blood does not delay any substance for more than 30 days. In addition, because of the torpedo already there were so many people that the information that the method does not work has spread widely. In particular, on the Internet one can read about torpedoes based on deception.


The same torpedo, just used the other form. Typically, torpedo - an individual procedure, coding - mass. During the coding, the doctor "program" the room, after which it sprays into the mouth with rare "medications" (most often placebo - chlorretid). Then the doctor intimidates: having taken alcohol, a person may die. As a result, if torpedo still helps to refrain from alcohol for some time then after coding a person starts drinking again. Encoding is only a temporary measure, a delay from alcoholism. This method can not be called treatment. Statistics of recovery, again, no.


Embroidery is the most effective method of treating alcohol from all of the above. This is a way by which the external manifestations of alcoholism are removed for a while. The patient is given a cut on the buttocks or back up to 2 cm in length, through which the tablet is sewn, which includes disulfirams. Thanks to the drug, the products of decomposition of ethyl alcohol are derived from the body. When the patient is taking alcohol, after staining, the acetaldehyde poisoning occurs. Redness of the skin becomes heavier than breathing, heartbeat increases, nausea and headache appear.

If the heart is weak, poisoning can lead to health hazards. Tablets that have been sewed, sometimes resolved for a long time, so that a person who is sewn up for a certain period, in fact, loses cravings for alcohol. However, organizations that make banners promise unrealistic dates of action. If the patient drinks a glass of beer, and the coated tablets will not have any effect - then the sewing is no longer working. All of the above applies to both new and old drugs.

Long-term abstinence from alcohol is not yet a cure for alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease of the soul, it develops regardless of whether it is currently consuming vodka or not. Non-drinking alcoholist stops the degradation of his personality, but, once again returning to the disastrous habit, he usually begins to drink even stronger. The stitching stops the development of alcoholism only for a certain period. This method is useful in difficult times when it comes time to at least begin to eliminate the causes of dependence and build a new life.


During hypnosis, the psyche sleeps and at the same time does not sleep. Not everyone agrees on hypnosis and not everyone gets it, while not everyone who fell under his influence may remain true to the suggestion of the hypnotist when the session ends.

A hypnotized person can not do what does not fit her deep conviction. If in hypnosis a normal person is ordered to do something illegal, she will immediately get out of this condition, even if it is deep. Having ordered an alcoholic not to drink, you can get the same response in the answer, even if he does not understand it or not show. Alcohol spirits seem like some deity, which protects from the hostile environment of the world, a person subconsciously goes to protect his relationship with him.

Hypnosis will help not to drink alcohol to a normal person, the alcoholic is more difficult to cope with this evil, therefore, hypnosis should not count on especially. An alcoholic may not drink for a while, but healing for 1-2 sessions or achieving a stable remission as a result of a pair of hypnosis sessions is not possible.


The current portion of the medication used during sewing also works during normal intake. If you take a pill teturama, then its effect will last for a day or more, and if the subject will take at least 50 g of vodka, then in 20 minutes he will be very uncomfortable at most.

If a person has left a drink recently, then for some time it can be insured with the help of drugs. However, an alcoholic should say that he is under the influence of drugs, they can not be sucked off secretly.

Among such preparations are Antabus, Thiuram E, Disulfirams, Tetours, Colmes, Esperal, Aquilong and others.

They differ, mainly, the form of release and the price, most of them are made on the basis of Tetraetylthiuram disulfide, or disulfiram.

Kolma - drops are not tasteful, but even they do not need to pour on the patient without his knowledge, the result may be tragic. Expensive drugs are often not better available. All of them work on the same principle - the natural mechanism of digestion of alcohol is blocked, there is a quick super hangover as a result of poisoning acetaldehyde.

Pharmacological companies can add vitamins to drugs, changing the name only and advertising them as incredibly effective and revolutionary. And, of course, raise the price, although the effect of the drug is not stronger than the usual tetrama of Russian production at a cost of 10 UAH per pack. However, taking teturam helps to develop the patient's disgust for alcohol, but rather an abomination to this drug.

In addition to the drugs mentioned above, medicine offers auxiliary drugs. They only help temporarily, if the patient has a desire to cure. But in general you need to understand that alcoholism is not treated with pills, they only help to put the use on a "pause", and at this moment it is necessary to switch to urgent psychotherapy. It's time to hurry, because a chance may not happen again.

Folk remedies

Treatment of alcoholism by folk methods involves the use of some herbal collections that facilitate the initial stages of recovery, when there is a refusal to further purify the body and normalize sleep. The alcoholic is easier to decide on the beginning of the action. However, it would be a mistake to think that herbal fees are a panacea. They will help ease the way out of binge at light stages, but no more.

Psychology of an alcoholic

Alcoholism is called the disease of the spirit and the psyche. A systematically drunk person is not sick, but deeply unhappy. Just as with an allergy skin rash is not a disease, but a symptom. Isolation allergy from allergen does not guarantee recovery, only rash disappears.

An alcoholic without alcohol will not be adequate person, he will plunge into depression, constant conflicts with himself, people, reality. Sober, but a weak spirited alcoholic seeks a cause, opportunity, justification or reason to return to use. Saving an alcoholic is almost impossible without resorting to psychology.

In general, all the methods listed in this text, excluding detoxification, are simply methods of psychic influence that include elements of shamanism. It should be borne in mind that a qualified psychologist takes care of his services is not expensive, while solving the problem quickly will not work, it is necessary for a minimum of six months. Also, there are not enough good psychologists for all alcoholics. It's easy to get on the unprofessional.

A good psychologist has a profile higher education, documents on the passing of practical courses, as well as experience in the field of narcology. Otherwise, the money will be wasted in vain.

Psychotherapy and support for Anonymous Alcoholics Groups are the most effective way to fight alcoholism.

Treatment of alcoholism
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