Acoustic injury treatment for the ears

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One of the most common lesions in the human hearing apparatus is acoustic trauma. Treatment should begin with the appearance of the first symptoms of hearing loss.

In case of prolonged or short-term exposure to the ear there is an acoustic trauma. Treatment is necessary in case of symptoms of severe damage to the hearing:

  • Hearing loss or deafness;
  • Prolonged noise in the ears;
  • To draw a tympanic membrane with an ENT review.

Types of acoustic ear injury

There are 2 types of acoustic ear injuries:

  • Acute Occurs as a result of short-term action of very strong high-frequency sound. For example, with a loud whistle in the ear or shot with a shotgun. As a rule, acute acoustic ear injury is accompanied by sharp pain in the auditory organ. Histological examination reveals hemorrhage in the snail, displacement and swelling of the Corti's cells;
  • Chronic or noisy Occurs as a result of the tedious action of sounds on the organ of hearing. For example, people who work for a long time in conditions of high noise.

Hearing disturbances in acute acoustic ear injuries are almost always reversible, while chronic acute trauma is often characterized as incurable. Separately stands out one more practically does not cure acoustic ear injury - age-old hearing loss.

Acoustic trauma treatment

In case if tiredness caused acute acoustic trauma, treatment may not be necessary at all, as often the effects of short-term exposure to strong sound are reversible. The only possible treatment for an acute tract in this case is calmness.

When the first symptoms of chronic acoustic trauma occur, it is recommended to change the profession, since if the conditions are not changed, the disease will progress. Treatment of acoustic trauma, obtained in the production, requires the same treatment as in the treatment of other types of hearing loss: sedative and general-purpose drugs, vitamin therapy, nootropic drugs, compounds of α-aminobutyric acid, preparations that improve microcirculation, antihypoxants.

In therapy of acoustic trauma, preparations of bromine and calcium are used as subjective noise in the ears. In order to improve blood circulation in the body recommended conifers and hydrogen sulfide baths. Rehabilitation consists in sanatorium-resort treatment and prophylactic courses of medical therapy in dispensaries. It is necessary to use the means of collective (engineering) and individual (headphones, earrings) protection from the increased level of noise and vibration, which provokes an acoustic trauma.

Treatment with the expressed effects of chronic acoustic trauma is considered ineffective, since tiredness in this case is caused by degenerative changes in the nervous apparatus of the organ of hearing. Therefore, an early diagnosis of acoustic trauma is considered to be a very important point in treatment.

Only in the timely and correct treatment of acoustic trauma the prognosis of the disease is favorable.

Acoustic injury treatment for the ears
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