Treatment for sinusitis in children

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If the baby is a prolonged undead, which does not last two weeks or longer, parents should be careful - this can be said to be the beginning of a sinusitis. Sinusitis is a rather common disease characterized by an inflammatory process in the adrenal sinuses of the nose.

Not always, parents are seriously concerned about the beginnings of a child's sleep. Very often they are guided by the rule "if the undead is treated, it will take 7 days, if not treated - in a week."

However, such irresponsibility often turns into the development of complications. Isolation from the nose can be a sign of sinusitis - an inflammatory disease of the paranasal sinuses, which requires special treatment. Anthrax is one of the most common types of sinusitis.

Treatment for sinusitis in children

Treatment for sinusitis is complex and must be conducted strictly under strict medical control. In no case can not treat the baby on their own, especially follow the advice of friends or apply "проверенниебабушкини recipes".

In the first place, a child suffering from sinusitis should be shown to a doctor who will determine the cause of the disease and, on this basis, will appoint a treatment.

As mentioned above, treatment for sinusitis is complex and, as a rule, consists of several medical interventions. These include medical therapy, mechanical cleaning of the sinuses of the nose by means of washes, irrigation of the nasal sinuses with antiseptic solutions, steam inhalation. In complicated cases, the treatment of sinusitis in children involves surgical intervention.

  • Medicines. Usually, for the treatment of sinusitis in children, the doctor prescribes vasoconstrictive drugs that help relieve breathing. When choosing a vasodilator, it is better to give preference to aerosols, because they are evenly distributed inside the nose, creating the best therapeutic effect. After applying vasodilators, antiseptic drops are used. They should be buried, putting the child on the side. Antiseptics help to cope with inflammation of the nasal sinuses.
  • Flushing of the sinuses. Flushing of the sinuses of the nose is most often performed in the clinic. For washing, use solutions of potassium permanganate or furatsilina. The widespread sinusitisation method, known as the "cuckoo", has become widespread. Its essence lies in the fact that an antiseptic solution is infused into one nostril, and from the other nostril simultaneously suction is purulent discharge causing infection. The negative pressure produced during the procedure in the axillary cells helps to pump out all the pus, after which the medicinal antibacterial substance is introduced.
  • Surgical methods. In the treatment of sinusitis in children in particularly severe cases, surgical methods may be used. Puncture (puncture of the sinuses) is performed under anesthesia. From the sinus pumped out pus, the sinuses are washed and injected into it anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Therapeutic inhalations. You should not try to clean or warm the sinuses of the child's nose with sinusitis independently. With illiterate washing, you can damage the internal structure of the nose. The only procedure that can be carried out at home is the immersion of a solution of sea salt and inhalation. However, the expediency of using inhalations for the treatment of sinusitis in children can only be confirmed by the doctor. Inhalations are allowed if the disease lasts for about a week and the acute phase has passed. For inhalations, a collection of medicinal plants with viscous and bactericidal action is used. For example, leaves of sage, calendula flowers and chamomile fields. The collection should be filled with boiling water and bring to a boil, after which the child should inhale the vapor through the nose with a special tube. Inhalations are also carried out at the clinic.
  • In the treatment of chronic sinusitis, respiratory gymnastics and special massage are also shown.
Treatment for sinusitis in children
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