Treatment for restless legs syndrome

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The choice of tactics for the treatment of restless leg syndrome is still a controversial issue. Many experts believe that enough physical exercise, others believe that the problem is deeper and requires a comprehensive approach.

Tactics for the treatment of restless leg syndrome depends on the severity of the symptoms. In mild form, regular exercise and a full-fledged sleep can have a significant effect. Medication therapy can be prescribed only if the symptoms are expressed so that they lead to sleep disorders and break up the usual way of life.

Also, do not forget that the symptoms could be due to another illness. In this case, the root cause must be sought and treated. For example, restless leg syndrome may occur as a result of iron deficiency. And then you just have to fill the deficiency of iron in the body.

Initial stage of treatment

Daily walks, regular exercises, contrast showers, massages, as well as smoking cessation and caffeine can significantly reduce the incidence and severity of symptoms.

A syndrome of restless legs that occurs during pregnancy usually occurs shortly after the birth of a child (most often within a few days). The doctor may recommend conservative treatment at the same time. For example, regular exercise and stretching.

For children with restless leg syndrome, medical treatment at an early stage of the disease is rarely prescribed. Instead, they are encouraged by regular moderate exercise and a full sleep. If the treatment is ineffective, the doctor may prescribe drugs that will increase the amount of dopamine in the cerebral cortex. In most cases, it reduces symptoms and allows you to fall asleep at night.

Supportive therapy

If the symptoms are weak, then the patient is able to control the unpleasant sensations by constantly performing physical exercises.

If the symptoms can not be monitored, then in order to prevent involuntary movements in sleep, the doctor prescribes certain medications, which may include hypnotics and soothing.

If the condition worsens

If the symptoms remain even on the background of therapy and regular exercise, then the patient is advised to switch to proper nutrition, lose weight, quit smoking and caffeine. Sometimes the deterioration of the symptoms of restless legs can lead to a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Therefore, if the treatment can not completely relieve the patient of the symptoms, a more detailed examination is needed to identify the true cause of the syndrome.

Treatment for restless legs syndrome
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