Treatment for hypothalamic syndrome

Hypothalamic Disease (Medical Condition) (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

The combination of vegetative, endocrine, metabolic disorders caused by the pathology of the hypothalamus is a hypothalamic syndrome whose treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease.

Hypothalamic syndrome often occurs at a young age and progresses very quickly. Detected neuroendocrine disorders are usually accompanied by a decrease in disability.

Medicinal therapy is prescribed exclusively on an individual basis, since the hypothalamic syndrome in each patient most often develops in different ways. The main direction of treatment is the selection of medicines to eliminate the disorder.

Hypothalamic Syndrome: Treatment and Causes

Since the hypothalamus helps control many functions in the body, in the event of a pathology associated with the hypothalamic syndrome, there is a violation of the work of the whole organism as a whole. To determine the type of treatment, you need to specify the reasons for the development of hypothalamic syndrome:

  • Strong emotional strain;
  • Lack of cerebrovascular flow;
  • Lack of oxygen;
  • Complications after acute infections (influenza, ARI);
  • tuberculosis;
  • pneumonia;
  • Alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction;
  • oncology;
  • Chronic cholecystitis;
  • rheumatism;
  • Pathology of pregnancy and maternal generic functions;
  • adiposity;
  • Hypertension, stroke and other vascular disorders;
  • Mental overload

Hypotalamic syndrome often manifests itself entirely in an unusual form. Therefore, the effectiveness of the therapeutic action in this case directly depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Hypothalamic syndrome: symptoms of the disease

The variety of symptoms that characterize the presence of the disease is due to the fact that the hypothalamus is responsible for the activities of many organs and systems. Usually, patients complain of:

  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Numbness of the limbs;
  • Heart pain;
  • Weakness and fatigue;
  • Headaches
  • Disorder of appetite;
  • Rapid increase or decrease in weight;
  • Accelerated urination.

This is just a small part of the symptoms that may suggest the presence of a disease such as a hypothalamic syndrome, the treatment of which the doctor can prescribe only after a thorough examination.

Hypothalamic syndrome: treatment

For the treatment of hypothalamic syndrome, it is important to correctly determine the cause of the violation. Based on these data, therapy is prescribed. To start, the doctor is engaged in elimination of the main factor of the disease. The treatment of infectious diseases, injuries, hypertension, alcoholism, etc. Neuroendocrine disorders are treated with hormonal drugs and diet.

For the treatment of a hypothalamic syndrome, complex therapy is usually used, which includes, apart from the pharmacological effects of physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises and reflexotherapy.

Treatment for hypothalamic syndrome

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