Treatment for acne in teens

Treating Teenage Acne - 10 Tips/Tricks - How To Help Teens With Acne (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

The occurrence of acne is mainly observed in adolescence and coincides with the period of puberty. The disease can occur long-term, with relapses and the formation of scarring.

Depending on the severity of the course, several forms of the disease are distinguished. In general, the disease is characterized by inflammation of the sebaceous ducts and hair follicles due to blockage of sebaceous cork and microbial insemination. With the accumulation of sebum and keratinous skin cells in the derivative ducts of the glands, comedones form spherical nodules with a black dot in the center. This black dot and creates a ground for the development of infections and inflammatory processes with suppuration.

Acne is a simple (vulgar) mild degree of disease, which is characteristic of adolescents in 80% of cases, due to disorders of the endocrine system. Occurs always with high salodetlenija, often accompanied by seborrhea. In this case, acne in adolescents is polymorphic, that is, it includes acne, black dots, inflamed elements. Sometimes the disease becomes more severe, the acne reaches large sizes, within which there are painful infiltrations that contain manure. On the surface of the skin, reddish-red painful nodes are formed, and the inflammatory process penetrates deeply into the skin. After the fusion of infiltrates (conglomerate acne) form abscesses absent, which, when healing, leave uneven rough scars on the skin.

Methods of treating acne include several types of local treatment, and at a more severe course supplemented by general treatment. Local treatment begins with the selection of care products, depending on the type of skin, mainly antiseptic liquids and ointments. Then appoint pharmacological treatment, depending on the degree of manifestation and severity of purulent process. In severe inflammation with the presence of purulent elements, treatment with antibiotics is required. Must be prescribed vitamin and nutrition correction. In very severe cases surgical treatment is used.

Teenage acne is treated by home remedies, hygiene enhancement, diet and exercise regimens. An important outdoor activity and a healthy sleep. Home remedies should be freshly prepared, or stored in the fridge for no more than 5-7 days. One of the home remedies for juvenile acne treatment is the field horsetail. Take 2 tablespoons of horsetail dry horsetail, pour a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for 5 minutes, let it stand for another 30 minutes. Then strain and rub the skin 2 times a day after washing. If in such broth add 1 item. A spoon of vodka, then the resulting lotion can be stored for a long time (2-3 weeks) and used for wiping, compress and making ice cubes for the treatment of the skin. Excellent mask for porous skin with acne: Rub on a small grater of sour apple, add starch to the formation of lumps and apply on the face for 20 minutes. For 2 tablespoons grated apples take 1 teaspoon of starch. Wash off with warm water.

Acne treatment in adolescents can be done without antibiotics and alcohol in mild forms of the disease. Very popular is the use of Skinoren in the form of gel and cream. The gel is used with very oily skin. Skinoren is applied to the cells twice a day. Also popular is the Clin Claire series of therapeutic youth cosmetics containing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This series includes flushing agents, deep-purifying scrubs, tonic lotions, and moisturizers. It is important to remember that scrubs can be used in the presence of inflammation and suppuration, as there is a risk of increasing them, spreading the infection to healthy areas of the skin. You can use them in the presence of uncreated black dots. The key to success is daily skin care.

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Treatment for acne in teens

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