Treatment and prevention of bursitis

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With timely treatment to the doctor to treat bursitis good, but better to avoid the disease by following certain rules of prevention.

The treatment solve three fundamental objectives: relieve pain, stop inflammation, to prevent that after the joint recovery remained limited in movement.

Principles of treatment

In mild cases, conservative treatment is used. To give a joint vacation, imposed fixing bandage appointed warming compresses, physiotherapy (ultrasound, UHF), anti-inflammatory drugs. For the relief of pain, appoint special ointments.

If these methods do not help, the patient is prescribed corticosteroids - hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs. Injections of corticosteroids are made directly into the inflamed bursa.

It is extremely important to hit the needle precisely in the affected area. These injections can only be done by a doctor of high qualification.

At purulent bursitis the puncture is shown - a puncture of a synovial bag for removal of pus. In running cases, they make an operation - bursa is opened, pus removed.

In both cases, the inner cavity bags are treated with an antibiotic. If the cause of the disease is infection, to combat it may be prescribed a full course of antibiotics.

After recovery, useful to undergo physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises that the disease has not returned chronic.


  • For fans of extreme sports, martial arts and other traumatic sports, we recommend using for joints (knee pads, elbow pads, elastic bandages).
  • Before training, it is necessary to perform a soft warm-up for the joints. Particular attention should be paid to those who work most during training.
  • It is necessary to maintain the physical form constantly. For joints it is better to have two workouts per week than one over intensive work.
  • Increasing the load is not jumping, but gradually.
  • It is important to disinfect any kind of sand and scratches on the elbows and knees.
  • It is necessary to treat ulcers, boils and other similar diseases in a timely manner.
Treatment and prevention of bursitis
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