Traditional chinese medicine for psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease associated with an accelerated division of skin cells. Psoriasis affects 2-3% of the world's population.

In traditional Chinese medicine, psoriasis is called a disease of silver scales. For its treatment only naturopathic drugs are used, as well as therapy of acupuncture points (needles, burning with cherry blossoms, bloodletting), massage.

Features of diagnostics

In traditional Chinese medicine, instead of the usual Western man diagnoses, there are so-called syndromes, on the basis of which the strategy of treatment is chosen. Their figurative names are reminiscent of lines from the works of ancient Chinese poets and philosophers.

To understand the Chinese doctor's view of the patient, it is necessary for some time to abandon the usual picture of the disease - the diagnosis - the treatment. One and the same pathology can from the point of view of Chinese medicine be caused by various syndromes and, therefore, require different treatment strategies.

According to Chinese physicians, psoriasis may occur due to various pathogenetic mechanisms: "lack and disturbance of blood functions", "internal growth of heat of blood", "acquired dryness generating the wind", as a result of which the trophism of skin and muscle tissue is violated.

The primary endogenous cause of the development of psoriasis is "the increase in internal heat", and under the "heat" should not be understood as an increase in body temperature. Of course, all this information is significant only for a doctor who has knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Self-medication, based on a list of syndromes, is not possible.

Features of treatment

Psoriasis treatment system of traditional Chinese medicine is based on an integrated approach that combines the use of acupuncture and herbs of traditional Chinese medicine. In the case of psoriasis, it is grasses that "kick out the wind and eliminate dampness." Recipes of the collection, the way of their preparation, as well as the dosage prescribes the doctor, there are no single recommendations.

In the system of traditional Chinese medicine for medical and preventive measures it is very important to take into account the time of year and time, the phase of the moon, and so on. Chinese doctors say that in most cases, psoriasis starts or progresses during winter, summer occurs in patients with improvement. But if the history of the disease is quite long, then the apparent seasonal nature of exacerbations disappears.

Traditional Chinese medicine distinguishes four types of psoriasis, and in recipes for the preparation of herbal decoctions, data are provided on the correction of the composition of the mixture, depending on the patient's condition, the type of his speech, face color, type of pulse. These parameters are used to determine syndromes.

The description of acupuncture measures also stipulates their choice depending on the patient's condition. From reflexology to acupuncture points with needles to influence these points irritating to the skin of substances and the appearance of a blister. This blister is designed to "pull" from the body pathogenic energy of Qi (or Chi, depending on the transcription). For the treatment of psoriasis is also used in active bleeding points behind the ear, make a point cut by 23 mm and is applied to the incision for a while fresh garlic cloves.

Prevention and precautions

In traditional Chinese medicine, prophylaxis is important and includes many specific recommendations on lifestyle and diet. However, advice for patients with psoriasis does not contain "Chinese exoticism" and is easy to implement.

  • Avoid infections and injuries. During periods of autumn and spring off-season, patients need to be especially careful of colds, tonsillitis and pharyngitis.
  • Do not eat spicy and spicy foods, as well as fatty meat, alcoholic beverages, do not smoke. Include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid excessive psychological stress and overwork, maintain a measured lifestyle, and maintain peace of mind.
  • During periods of exacerbation, you can not use potent irritating drugs, wash with very hot water.

According to some reports, the effectiveness of treatment of psoriasis by traditional Chinese medicine is 75%.

Traditional chinese medicine for psoriasis
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