Traditional chinese medicine for pain in the back

Introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine - Treating Upper Back Pain (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, back pain suggests a weakness in the kidney.

Qi - one of the basic concepts of the medical system of Ancient China, simplified it can be called the vital energy that circulates through the channels of the body. Qi is at each individual body.

Kidneys Chinese physicians call the first mother of man, the center of his vitality. Violation of the harmony of kidney cysts causes a lot of diseases, including the appearance of back pain, herniated intervertebral discs, protrusions, etc.

Not only anesthetics, but also cure

Chinese medicine uses for treatment only naturopathic drugs, as well as reflexology (exposure to active points with needles or polyanovyh cigars). The recipe for the first drugs for the treatment of back pain is many hundreds of years. The earliest mention of lumbar pain is contained in the "Su Wen" canon (around 1300).

Today, traditional Chinese medicine offers for the treatment of back pain a lot of drugs, including patches, herbal collections for internal and external use (they are steamed and used as a patch, stacking on the back), there are special patches for the first point of the kidney meridian, Which is on the heel. Common in all of these drugs and how to treat one thing: they provide not only analgesic but also therapeutic effects.

According to doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (supported by clinical studies), modern academic medicine only temporarily eliminates pain, and traditional Chinese remedies, influencing the root cause, of the syndrome that caused the disease, contribute to healing.

Scatter the cold or do bloodletting

Syndromes of traditional Chinese medicine replace the usual Western man's diagnoses, but are not synonymous with them.

Thus, the diagnosis of "back pain" among the European doctors today (which replaced the diagnosis of osteochondrosis common in the late twentieth century) in traditional Chinese medicine is interpreted as the result of one of the three syndromes. And depending on the diagnosed syndrome, the doctor chooses the purpose and method of treatment.

Possible cause of acute back pain may be damage to the soft tissue of the lumbar when it falls, blows, uncharacteristic movements. Damage can be both light (stretching) and heavy (tensile tendons, ligaments and even small blood vessels).

In the system of traditional Chinese medicine, this pain is characterized by a stagnation syndrome in the region of the lumbar and stagnant chi. Treatment is aimed at eliminating stagnation, restoring the free passage of channels, normalizing the circulation of qi and blood. Effect on some active points is recommended with bloodletting.

Permanent aching pain in the lumbar region, which increases in cold and wet weather, which may decrease during movement, but increase again with fatigue, requires clearing the pathways for qi.

One of the names of this syndrome is "cold blow" or "perception of cold-dampness". Soaked cold clothes, sitting on wet cold ground or during it leads to the fact that the body (in Chi, as the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says) cold and moisture penetrate.

"Restoring" the canals, removing spasms of the muscles, dispersing the cold, restoring the circulatory cycle - in this case, the treatment strategy, which dictates the methods of acupuncture (biting and acupuncture), and the choice of appropriate drugs.

From sorrow, there is not only a soul

Back pain, caused by a weakness of the kidneys, is constant, it decreases when lying, increases with walking, accompanied by weakness of the knees.

Syndrome "fatigue in the lack of kidneys" occurs in eight cases of pains of ten. Such pain does not arise out of external influences, but is a consequence of an initial shortage of these kidneys and appears during fatigue, as well as after prolonged illness or in advanced age.

In ancient Chinese treatises, the causes of this pain also indicate "drunkenness and debauchery", as well as "the stagnation of sorrow". In this case, the treatment is aimed at filling the kidney kidney - this is the effect on the active points (stimulation of points and biting) and herbal fees for ingestion.

A distinction should be made between the deficiency of kidney and tsi yi kidneys. About the type of these patients lacking, the Chinese doctor will tell the diagnosis from the language. In the absence of the yang language of the patient is light red, with a lack of yin - red-crimson.

Traditional chinese medicine for pain in the back

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