Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women: for whom it is dangerous and what threatens

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Toxoplasmosis is one of the most common infections that is transmitted to humans from cats. Infection is being treated and there is nothing terrible in it for an ordinary person, and the pregnant woman should be laughed at this. Previously, there were legends and folk beliefs that communication between a pregnant woman and a cat or a cat would not lead to anything good. And now modern physicians hold the same position, only slightly on the other hand.

Cats are the carriers of toxoplasmosis infection, so if your cat walks on the street, then it's likely that he can bring about this infection. You can get infected in close contact with the cat when you stroke it, kiss, play with it, and also when cleaning the cat's tray. It turns out that feces of cats "evaporate" toxoplasmosis, so you should clean them in protective gloves and masks, after which you need to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and handle the tray to eliminate the bacteria.

If your cat lives with you in the house and on the street it does not go out and does not communicate with other animals, then the reasons for excitement is less. But it does not mean that you do not need to show your pet a veterinarian. Incidentally, for women who have cats at home, doctors recommend that they immediately take the animal to a veterinary clinic, where the doctor will take his tests for toxoplasmosis and other infections, and the pregnant woman should donate blood for analysis.

Toxoplasmosis adversely affects the health of a pregnant woman, but even worse, it affects the fetus. The fact is that the infection, getting into the body of a pregnant woman, is easily leaked through the placenta and instantly absorbed into the blood of the fetus, which can play an "evil joke" with its nervous system. Toxoplasmosis destroys the central nervous system of an unborn child, provokes various pathologies and inhibition in development.

What symptoms are manifest in infected human toxoplasmosis:

1. Increased body temperature, general weakness and drowsiness.

2. Headache and unpleasant sensations in the muscles.

3. Reduces appetite and worsens sleep.

4. Increase in lymph nodes.

5. There is a red rash, which connects into one huge spot.

For men, toxoplasmosis is fraught with a decrease in potency, and for women - a violation of the menstrual cycle. Also, vision problems may appear, because the infection affects the retina of the eye.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women: for whom it is dangerous and what threatens
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