Top-6 prophylactic tricks in the fight against caries

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Simple rules of the way of life and the mode of the day will keep the oral cavity healthy and prevent the appearance of caries. And this in turn will become a pledge of a snow-white smile, which guarantees success both in a career and in a personal life. So do not be discouraged and assure "I know everything and so". In this case, you need not just re-learn about the simplest rules of hygiene, but also start them steadily to perform.

1. Regular care of the oral cavity. We are taught this rule from childhood. But in adult life we ​​often find one hundred reasons not to brush your teeth in the mornings or in the evening - they'll get to work, tired of work, having a bad state of health - all this can serve as a refusal for an elementary hygienic procedure. But prophylactic simple manipulation can postpone a trip to a dentist, which, by the way, is required to visit twice a year. And from caries in our life there is no insurance - this disease strongly destroys a firm tissue of teeth and can occur as an adult and a child.

2. Properly brush your teeth, tongue and gums When cleaning teeth it is important to adhere to a certain sequence that will not injure the oral cavity and effectively clean it. So remember - first you need to clean from right to left, then move from lateral areas to the center, starting from the outer surface, completing the inner one. When cleaning the outer surface of the teeth, the brush should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the tooth - and make "sweeping" movements from the gums. When cleaning the inner surface, the brush is positioned vertically. Chewing surface is cleaned with circular motions. And they complete the process by a light gum massage and cleansing the tongue. 3. The brush should be used correctly Toothbrush should prevent possible problems with teeth. And do not create additional injuries to them when cleaning, or smoothing and not fulfilling its purpose. Dentists recommend using a brush with very tight bundles of synthetic fiber bristles, with a flat surface. Choose brushes with soft or moderate stiffness.

4. Have healthy liver and stomach Beautiful teeth will be impossible at all attempts to clean them, if you have sick liver and stomach. When dieting it is necessary to carefully monitor the level of hemoglobin, with a decrease in which teeth begin to collapse and crumbly.

5. Tooth Elixir - the right assistant in the care of the teeth It is necessary to use a permanent tooth elixir, which includes vitamins, herbal extracts, essential oils. All of them have a positive and effective effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth. And also the rinse continues the effect of the toothpaste for a few more hours.

6. Fighting with a bite and a tooth-stone - a pledge of healthy teeth It is necessary to systematically remove plaque and dental stones - this procedure is just necessary at least once a year. Professional cleaning of teeth will be a guarantee of a snow-white smile and healthy teeth. Dentists will remove plaque and deposits, stain from coloring drinks, small stones with ultrasound. Large deposits are removed mechanically and after that the teeth are polished.

Top-6 prophylactic tricks in the fight against caries
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