Top 5 recipes for cooking at home

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Soothing becomes more and more popular, and every mistress tries to make such a cute product, which can be enjoyed by the whole family without harm to health. Burning cute at home is very simple, this lesson does not take a lot of time, develops fantasy and gives you the opportunity to relax from everyday troubles.

Soap recipe is very much like the ideas for it. You can use fruits, vegetables, nuts, essential oils, coffee, chocolate, ginger, oat flakes and many other products. With the soap of the house you can experiment as you like, combine unassembled, add new ingredients and try to work with each other. For a soap base most often use a simple baby soap or a special soap base, which has a clear texture. If you want to give a nice color, you can add a few drops of food color to it.

Homemade cute may not only be useful for adult skin, but also for children. Also, cute can help you restore the skin, make it soft and velvety, get rid of cellulite, moisturize and nourish the beneficial substances.

Top 5 recipes for cooking at home:

1 Soap with scrub effect. Take a bar of baby soap or soap, grind it on a grater and place it on a water bath so that it is completely melted. When the cute turns into a creamy consistency, add the chopped oatmeal flakes or ground coffee. Now comes the time of aromatic oils. You can add any butter you like or have at home. The main thing is that you like the flavor. Just a few drops of oil will add a sweet, unique smell. In such a soap, cosmetic clay can be added, but it is better to dissolve it in warm milk beforehand. Then pour soap into a mold and put in a cool place for several hours, after this time to get a mold, turn it over and the cute will remain in your hands.

2 Soap with chocolate and vanilla. You will need: a base for soap, olive oil, essential oils of vanilla and ylang-ylang, honey, cocoa, ground, insoluble coffee. Prepare soap as in the first recipe. Such cute will tone the skin, moisturize it, regenerate and nourish it.

3 Fruity cute As always, you need to take a soap foundation, rub it and melt it in a water bath. And then it can be added mashed strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, they smell very tasty, revitalize the skin, thanks to the small pitches have a peeling effect.

4 Soothing soap. For such a sweet, you will need dry or fresh leaves of lavender, peppermint, melissa, turnips, as well as aromatic oils of these plants. The recipe for cooking is very simple: melt the base for soap and add to it the crushed leaves of soothing herbs and oils.

5 Soap with antibacterial effect. It is great for both children and adults to wash their hands after the street or to wash their faces and the whole body at the end of the day. On a bascule you need to add dried dried chamomile, orange, geranium. This cute anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action that protects against microbes, so this cute is indispensable in a home where there are small children.

Top 5 recipes for cooking at home
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