Top 4 procedures that will help strengthen your hair

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1. Be careful in choosing hair care products and for styling. For example, a well-chosen thermosetting spray or mousse, in addition to protecting and facilitating combing, also gives an illusion of volume. Such agents contain polymers that cover the hair and it seems thicker. Sprays are more suitable for direct hair, mousses - for wavy or curly. When using a spray, apply a small amount of the substance evenly from the roots to the tips on the damp hair.

2. Regularly nourish the hair and its roots. Once a week, after washing your head with shampoo (without air conditioning!), Rub in a scalp and hair carefully a mask that matches your hair type. Choose tools such hair care products containing vitamins B5, E and proteins - over time they will help strengthen the hair, making it less brittle.

3. Use a hair spray. He does more than just fix styling. "Hair spray is very versatile and can be effective in preventing hair loss, but should use them in moderation. A good hairspray will give hair an amazing effect with little lifting effect," says Benjamin Mohapi, hairdresser From Los Angeles Try a lacquer containing panthenol.

4. A stacking pad can help increase the volume in several ways. When used on the head, foam "can deceive everyone that has a ton of hair," says Natasha Leibel, a New York hairdresser.

Top 4 procedures that will help strengthen your hair
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