Top-10 of the best means for those wishing to survive the hangover

How To Cure Your Hangover In 81 Seconds (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Whether you prepare yourself and adjust to the moderate use of alcohol during the celebration of the New Year, everyone knows - everything goes the same way as "the map will lie" - how the circumstances will form, what will be the atmosphere, and how you feel during the celebration. And it may happen that the fun on the eve will be the cause of disgusting the next day.

In order to get out of this state there are simple, accessible, proven means:

1 In no case can be treated like this - so you can just go to the bite without a gap on the state of the hangover. It will be better if, after waking up after a fun party, you will try to restore the water balance in the body - start to drink water. It is better to drink slowly, so as not to cause vomiting. Drink about 1-1.5 liters of liquid for several hours. And then you can drink some kind of diuretic, tea or coffee.

2 Then it is worth taking care of filling the body's salts of magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. It will help to normalize the work of the heart, relieve muscle weakness, chills and other unpleasant symptoms. Doctors in such cases are advised to take a drug potassium - panangin (2-3 tablets). Suitable and sour cabbage if there is no strength to flee to the pharmacy.

3 It is good in this state to start drinking and mineral water, especially alkaline - Essentuki-4, Essentuki-17, Borjomi, Arzni. One day you need to drink 1, 5 liters of mineral water to effectively purify from toxins.

4 Now you can take up filling vitamin C, which perfectly neutralizes toxins. Excellent polyvitamins, or a few tablets of ascorbic acid.

5 If the condition allows, you can tightly eat fish, sea cabbage, vegetables, sour-milk products.

6 Maintain the body and improve the condition of the vessels of the brain 20 drops of tincture of mint, which should be dissolved in a glass of cold water or dissolve in the mouth 1-2 tablets of glycine.

7 It will be useful to take the usual warm (up to 50 degrees) showers. But from all sorts of heavy physical activity and sports during the hangover is better to cancel.

8 It would be nice to make a mint tea - it will perfectly remove the feeling of nausea. You can think about everything in advance, and from the evening pour into the thermos tea with mint - in the morning it may turn out to be your salvation.

Top-10 of the best means for those wishing to survive the hangover

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