Teeth prosthetics without straightening: principle of method

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The technique of teeth prosthetics without straightening allows fully return functionality of the jaw, without substituting teeth close to the serious changes. The most optimal adhesive bridge-like prostheses or tooth prosthetics without turning off using the CBW system.

Under the prosthetics of teeth without straightening in the sense of replacing the missing tooth with a sufficiently strong and aesthetic prosthesis, with the support teeth while depulping and not turning around.

There are several methods of orthopedic dentistry that allow you to carry out a prosthetic procedure without touching the adjacent teeth or with minimal inclusion.

Method of adhesive bridge-free prosthetics without straightening

With adhesive prosthesis, only one missing tooth in the row between the two healthy ones is replaced. The prosthesis consists of two ceramic tabs, which connects their fiberglass beams and fixed on the beam of an artificial tooth.

  1. The fixation of the construction is made on a double-hardening composite. In the supporting teeth are made small depressions on the chewing surface. If it's the front teeth, the grooves are executed from the palatine side. The groove touched only the enamel of the teeth.
  2. Then the working surface of the teeth is isolated by a cofferdam, and an acid-adhesive preparation of the surface of the depressions is carried out. The basis for fixing the prosthesis to the treated areas of neighboring teeth is formed. For this purpose, a translucent reinforced tape is used, impregnated with an adhesive composition with a liquid-liquid composite.
  3. In the grooves of the teeth, small portions of the composite material and the reinforced tape are stacked, and it is given the correct shape so that it can hold the composite structure of the artificial tooth and do not interfere with the bite.
  4. Further light polimerization of the whole design is carried out. An artificial artificial tooth is modeled in the form of an existing defect in the tooth row, taking into account the required color and transparency.

The tooth can be made of the following materials:

Teeth prosthetics without straightening: principle of method
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