Teeth whitening by hydrogen peroxide

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To date, the most affordable and inexpensive means for teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide. To achieve the desired result, hydrogen peroxide should be bleached for several weeks.

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide is a chemical process in which organic matter of enamel and dentin is split under the influence of oxygen on gas and water. This reaction can completely ruin the enamel. Therefore, before bleaching hydrogen peroxide at home, you should consult a dentist. He will pick up a special carbamide peroxide special gel that slows down the release of hydrogen peroxide and helps make bleaching more sparing. The doctor will also determine which concentration of urea is necessary for you. It depends on the condition of your enamel.

Whitening methods

For bleaching with hydrogen peroxide only 3% solution is suitable. Stronger concentrations can expose the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Light hydrogen peroxide can be accomplished in several ways.

  1. Rinse with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide in half with water. Previously, it is necessary to clean the teeth of fluoride-containing paste. The solution should be kept in the oral cavity for 30-60 seconds. You can not swallow anyway! This procedure can be carried out daily.
  2. Bleaching with soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the soda and hydrogen peroxide so that the mildew or paste is released. Apply with your fingers or brush on your teeth, avoiding getting on the gum. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Then it is necessary to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and brush your teeth with fluorose-containing toothpaste.
  3. To support teeth whitening and fresh breathing, you can prepare a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. To do this, you need to mix 1 part 3% solution of peroxide with 2 parts of water. Then add soda and salt. Use this liquid to rinse your mouth daily.

Lighting with hydrogen peroxide is a simple and painless procedure. The only discomfort that may appear is a slight tingling or tingling. These feelings are extremely rare and have no consequences.


Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide is contraindicated for people with gum disease and weak enamel. Children under 12 years of age do not want to have dental illumination. Also, you can not conduct this procedure in the presence of ulcers or deep wounds in the oral cavity. Only fresh solution should be used. Contact peroxide with air deprives it of activity. The bubble must be kept tightly closed.

Remember that before bleaching, an allergic reaction test is required. To do this, first use a weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide, and also carry out a skin test.

Teeth whitening by hydrogen peroxide
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