Tooth root resection: operation process

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There are rare cases where to save the tooth have to resort to a number of complex operations. Resection of the root of the tooth, and more precisely its tops, is one such type of surgical intervention.

Resection of the root of the tooth - an operation associated with the removal of the upper part of the root, which is seriously damaged, while maintaining the tooth and healthy roots, which allows him to serve for quite some time. Conduction of resection is prescribed, as a rule, in special cases.

Cases when resection is used

Dentists distinguish two cases in which it is necessary to resection of the root portion of the tooth, they include:

  1. Cases when the channels were cleaned and sealed, but the inflammatory process in the tooth lasts, which makes the patient re-apply to the dentist.
  2. Cases where a crown or bridge is installed on the tooth, which has a root toughened root, and the removal of it may weaken the entire design of dentures.

Resection of the root, as a rule, helps in preserving the tooth, which makes the jaw operates as much as possible correctly, which means that the digestive system works well.

The process of carrying out the operation

There are certain rules that a dentist must adhere to if necessary to resection of the tooth root. Once a resection has been prescribed, several actions are carried out:

Tooth root resection: operation process
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