The tooth in the sky as an anomaly view

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Hyperdontium is an anomaly of the number of teeth in a person, which is manifested by the presence of supercomplex teeth. According to statistics, the frequency of supercomplex teeth averages 2-3% in individuals with dental anomalies. This disease also includes such an abnormality as a tooth in the sky.

The nature of hyperdomenia (dental anomaly), to which, of course, the appearance of bone dental tissue in the sky, is not fully understood. Presumably, this anomaly is related directly to the violation of the mechanism of tabulation of dental rudiments. Most often overcomplete teeth arise:

  • On the upper jaw (molars, cutters, fangs, premolars);
  • On the lower jaw (cutters, fangs, premolars);
  • In areas of dentition;
  • Sometimes the tooth grows in the sky;
  • At constant bite, but with milk less often.

Extra complex teeth can cause deformation of tooth rows, therefore in most cases they are subject to mandatory removal, including a tooth on the palatine surface.


The form of supercomplex teeth is very diverse, it may well correspond to the anatomical form of an ordinary healthy tooth or resembles drops, whole conglomerates of toothformations, and individual crowns. Sometimes such teeth appear from the sky or are welded with healthy permanent teeth, which has a negative impact on the proper development of healthy teeth.

Over-the-counter teeth may be outside the tooth row (oral, vestibular) or in the tooth arch. It also happens that such teeth are located between the upper central incisors, thereby breaking the correct position of healthy teeth and incisors. With a considerable size of the jaw supracomplex tooth in the sky can absolutely not affect the shape of the dental arc, but with a small jaw, as a rule, there are abnormalities of the position of individual teeth.


Today, absolutely all tooth-abdominal anomalies are treatable, including over-complex teeth. Such treatment directly depends on the location of the supercomplex tooth and, of course, its effect on the state of normal teeth. Over-the-counter teeth, of course, violate the process of cutting teeth and correct construction of dental rows. Therefore, they should be removed in the same way as the teeth that appear in the sky.

Removal of retinirovannyh supercomplex teeth, such as a tooth in the sky, is associated with very significant difficulties, which are due to a large depth of occurrence or closely spaced rudiments of adjacent teeth or roots of irregular shape. In such cases, it is very important to determine the most rational operational approach to the supra complete tooth in the sky. In this huge help is given by radiography or Orthopantogramm.

After removing supercomplex tooth carefully removed and its shell. As a rule, the postoperative period passes favorably, especially if the patient has timely turned to the doctor.

The tooth in the sky as an anomaly view
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