Make-up tooth: for and against

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Indicator of human health - this is his smile, because the condition of the teeth is reflected in chronic diseases, nutrition, ecology and even stress. Modern dentistry helps to solve any problems with teeth, now it's easy to even toothpaste.

Take care of the beauty of our teeth are encouraged by various reasons: someone does this for aesthetic reasons, others turn to the dentist forcedly. To solve aesthetic and medical problems, you can put a seal, level the bite or build a tooth.

With the help of the latest technology it is possible to restore the tooth with almost any severity of damage, from a slight erosion to complete destruction. In some cases, this procedure is simply necessary, for example, if a small piece or caries is cut off, practically completely striking a tooth.

Advantages of tooth extraction

  1. Naturalness. The dentist has the opportunity to pick up a material that fully matches the tint of the tooth, so that it will not be possible to visually distinguish it from others. As a result, the smile remains natural.
  2. Strength. You can only grow a tooth with special materials that provide durability and durability.
  3. Complete recovery. Make-up of teeth is carried out even on a small residue, regardless of which size it is. The main thing is the presence of an entire root and the surrounding bone.
  4. Absence of unnecessary losses. If, when the crown is installed, the tooth is drained, then all the remains of the tooth are involved in the erection. Thus, to fully build a tooth is better to install the crown.

What technology to use to build a tooth, the dentist decides when examining. If the fracture is only partial and the tooth has small incisions or cracks, then the most optimal option is composite buildup. In severe cases, when the tooth is practically absent, a dental implant is performed. Sometimes it's enough to put only a tab - a special seal from porcelain or ceramics of the right size.

Disadvantages of tooth extraction

  • Tooth extraction is an expensive procedure, so most people still prefer to put crowns;
  • It is impossible to guess how much time the tooth remains unchanged. Despite the high wear resistance of materials, someone can last for 10 years, and someone 20. It is affected by many factors: food is taken, experienced physician, timeliness and correctness of care for teeth, etc.,
  • Impossibility to carry out an increase in the destruction of the root. In such cases, implantation is recommended.

To grow a tooth in our time does not pose a special difficulty, therefore it is one of the most frequent stomatological procedures. Especially, it is much better to save the native tooth in any way than to put a crown. It is worthwhile to note that, with significant damage to the native tooth, the durability of the enlarged tooth can not be guaranteed by the dentist.

Make-up tooth: for and against
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