Baby toddler care

Respectfully Yours Magda Gerber'S Approach To Professional Infant Toddler Care (Health And Medical Video June 2018).

Until a certain age, caring for children's teeth lies with their parents. It depends on their efforts that the child will be attentive to their health and hygiene in the future.

With caries, inflammation of the gums, and a number of other diseases of the oral cavity today faces an overwhelming number of not only adults, but also children.

Malnutrition and bad hygiene of the teeth lead to the fact that up to four years in 20-80% of children in different regions of Ukraine milk teeth are affected by caries.

It must be remembered that in many ways the health of the teeth is determined by the way of life itself, and only then - health care. Skills for proper care of your teeth need to be instilled into a child from younger years.

Children and dentist

Apparently, a dentist's chair is one of the most important nightmares for many people. And the adults automatically carry it to the children. But this fear is born in toddlers due to the adult!

Therefore, it is important to inform the child that visiting the dentist's office is not terrible, especially if you come for a preventive examination or treatment of the initial form of caries.

Prevention is the basis of healthy teeth. It is not necessary to postpone a visit to the dentist until the child begins to complain about pain. Try to allocate time on regular visits to minimize the likelihood of developing teeth illnesses.

Some experts recommend to show a baby stomatologist until a year - in three, six and nine months. Others offer an introductory visit a year. But even if you do not do this, in any case, attending a specialist is shown twice a year from three to four years.

Dental care during breastfeeding

Even before the baby teeth break through, the care of the baby's teeth must be done by the mother. After each feeding, it is necessary to wipe him gum with pure gauze wound on his finger and dipped in boiled water or broth of chamomile. It is necessary to do this carefully, so as not to cause infantile pain.

For proper bite formation, it is not necessary to abuse the dummy. It is a sedative that can only be used to remove irritation for a fairly short period of time.

It is necessary to pay attention and because the baby sucks the nipple: he must apply some effort, work in language and lips, to put up the lower jaw.

Cutting teeth: care of the oral cavity

The appearance of the first teeth - a process that can take place quite painfully. But do not interfere and try to speed it up.

To reduce inflammation and swelling you can:

  • Use special soft rings - cutters, which are cooled in the refrigerator for a short time;
  • To buy anti-inflammatory drugs in the pharmacy on the basis of plant extracts - chamomile (also a good anesthetic), altea (helps to restore the mucus faster);
  • In some cases it can be shown to be antipyretic, but it should be used only after consultation with the physician.

Baby teeth care

The first toothbrush should have a short (length - about 20 mm, width - 10 mm) soft bristles in two rows and a fun coloring - this is a really important point, because tooth cleaning should not be for a child boring occupation.

It is recommended not to use a toothpaste immediately, but after the child is accustomed to the procedure. Before this, it is necessary to teach the baby to rinse her mouth: with him, dial water, polish and spit after each meal, in the morning and evening.

Choose a special baby paste: first, it has a special composition, and secondly, it has a pleasant smell.

Calmly and consistently show him all the stages of cleaning the teeth, check whether he understood them, remember whether.

Parental assistance may be required for a child up to five or seven years. From the age of four you can teach a child to use dental floss.

Apart from the proper brushing of teeth and regular dental care, proper care is provided for the teeth. Moderate amounts of sweet, fresh vegetables and fruits all help your teeth stay beautiful and healthy throughout their lives.

Baby toddler care

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