Titus syndrome: symptoms and treatments

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Basic concepts, factors contributing to the occurrence of osteochondropathy, the main manifestations of Titus syndrome, diagnosis and treatment.

What is Titca Syndrome?

Titus's syndrome is a connective tissue disease related to chondropatiosis and manifests itself as aseptic inflammation of the upper edge cartilage in the place where they are fixed to the sternum.

Several synonyms of this disease can be found in the literature: rib chondritis, rib-cartilage syndrome, perihondritis, idiopathic edema-cartilage pain syndrome, anterior chest wall syndrome, pseudotubular rectum cartilage.

The Titsa syndrome is most common in young people (20-40 years), in men and in women of the same frequency. Most often the defeat is one-sided, the usual localization - in the region of the edge-clavicular joints and 1-2 edges, less often - 3-4 ribs, other ribs are almost not damaged.

Factors contributing to the onset of the Titus syndrome

To date, the causes of the pathological rearrangement of the cartilaginous edges of the ribs have not yet been established, but almost always it is possible to establish the presence in the history of one or several factors contributing to the development of the syndrome Titsa.

Titus syndrome: symptoms and treatments

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