Tips (June 2018)
Anti-aging: who and why do you need it?

Anti-Aging: Who And Why Do You Need It?

Anti-aging therapy is becoming increasingly popular. If you translate the name of this therapy into the Ukrainian way, then all the "anti-age" therapy will come to the fore. From here it becomes clear and its main task is to make a person younger both externally and internally. Anti-aging allows a person to feel young, therapy affects the physical and psychological health of a person.

Antibacterial soap can damage your health

Antibacterial Soap Can Damage Your Health

Antibacterial products are considered an effective means of destroying microorganisms in hospitals and other medical institutions, and a toothpaste with triclosan helps people with gingivitis and gum disease. However, American experts have argued that the manufacturers of these goods provided very little evidence that they bring more benefits than harm.

Anti-inflammatory drugs promote the spread of infections among people

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Promote The Spread Of Infections Among People

According to scientists, medicines that clean sweat and chills, are responsible for at least 1 case of infection from each 20. They also increase mortality. Experts advise to refuse to take pills, making choices in favor of hot drinking, rest and isolation from others at the time of illness. An experiment with ferrets was also conducted.

Antiseptics for hands

Antiseptics For Hands

Our hands for a lifetime carry a lot of stress. This is the temperature difference, the effect of hot water, household chemicals, bacteria that are on the surface from which hands are exposed. And all this can lead to the fact that the hydrolyzed film, which is necessary for protection against harmful microorganisms and prevents drying of the skin, can be damaged.


Anxiety "Bells" - Impending Alzheimer'S Disease

Detecting the Alzheimer's disease that is approaching can be done in advance and thereby slow down its development as much as possible. The first alarming signal of the onset of illness is the loss of memory, when its failures begin to appear in everyday life, as they say, from neither, nor from what.

Appendicitis: signs and first aid to the doctor's arrival

Appendicitis: Signs And First Aid To The Doctor'S Arrival

Almost all people know that appendicitis is a disease when cut out inflamed appendages from the abdominal cavity. The most common signs of appendicitis include pain in the right in the lower abdomen, so women often confuse appendicitis with inflammation of the genital organs. But also, doctors note other symptoms that signal the inflammation of the appendix, with the disease may become chronic, which is perhaps safer than the acute form of appendicitis.

Apples will rescue your muscles

Apples Will Rescue Your Muscles

Fruits are able to help get rid of the disease. With age, muscle strength and weight gradually decrease. Experts suggest that this can be avoided. Previous studies have shown that ursolic acid from apple peel and tomatin contained in green tomatoes can prevent atrophy of the muscles, which is associated with fasting and low levels of activity.

Application of clay from cellulite

Application Of Clay From Cellulite

There are many ways to fight cellulite. Many of them suggest certain effects on the skin through various substances, and quite often you can find recipes scrubs, mixtures for wraps from cellulite to clay. Almost any clay rejuvenates the skin. In addition, it improves the color of the skin, cleans it, tones up.

Apricots will not only improve the functioning of the heart, but also protect against oncology

Apricots Will Not Only Improve The Functioning Of The Heart, But Also Protect Against Oncology

It would seem that it can be unique in apricots, except that they are very sweet, juicy and delicious? It turns out that apricots are capable of protecting the human body from a variety of different diseases. Scientists all over the world are still exploring apricots for the benefit of a particular field of human life.

Are harmful conditioners for human health?

Are Harmful Conditioners For Human Health?

To everything new in our lives, we treat caution and even some skepticism. Such is the nature of man. However, the new one is not always worse than the previous, but often better and more useful. The same can be said about domestic air conditioners (If you are looking for an inverter air conditioner, visit http://frostair.

Arthritis can be overcome with milk

Arthritis Can Be Overcome With Milk

The authors of a new study at the Women's Hospital in Boston found that eating a large amount of cheese gave a diametrically opposite effect - accelerating the progression of knee arthritis in women. At the same time, the use of large amounts of yogurt did not have any effect on the development of this disease in both women and men, the study says.

As it turned out, marriage does not always affect us positively.

As It Turned Out, Marriage Does Not Always Affect Us Positively.

It is believed that marriage makes people happy, allows them to maintain health and live for a long time. But, as it turned out, in many cases marriage is also a source of depression, writes The Telegraph. The reason is that criticism from the second half causes dissatisfaction with the marriage. If stress, provoked by discontent, lasts a long time, then people lose the ability to enjoy all the "benefits" of marriage.

At all, the family guarantees longevity - research

At All, The Family Guarantees Longevity - Research

Many scholars believe that a marriage union and other social ties strengthen health and guarantee longevity. McGill University researchers have studied how social contacts affect life expectancy. They rated more than 100,000 people from different countries. Scientists have found out: family does not affect life expectancy.

At the genetic level, we evaluate each other in appearance

At The Genetic Level, We Evaluate Each Other In Appearance

Children at the age of three years are able to appreciate the person's personality traits by simply looking at her face, writes Saharasa May with reference to the opening of Emily Cogsdill of Harvard University. It turns out that one does not need a rich experience of social interaction, so that people will understand physiognomy.

An australian professor warns about the dangers of long staying in the sun during pregnancy

An Australian Professor Warns About The Dangers Of Long Staying In The Sun During Pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is constantly in the sun, she may face complications, warns Queensland University of Technology. According to ABC News, 45 women were surveyed. It turned out that in pregnant women who were regularly on the street, a 20% decrease in the level of folic acid salt was noted. And, as you know, deficiency of folic acid salt in pregnant women is associated with neural tube defects in the child, including splitting of the spine.

Autumn depression: the way out is

Autumn Depression: The Way Out Is

Grape juice affects the adrenal glands, kidneys, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. To carry out such a sweet therapy, you should squeeze juice from dark grapes and drink 100 ml 3 times daily before meals. If desired, juice and honey can be mixed. People suffering from joint diseases should consult vice versa with a rheumatologist.

Avocado can kill cancer cells

Avocado Can Kill Cancer Cells

Nutritionists have long been celebrating avocado as an extremely beneficial for the body, but Canadian scientists have discovered more important properties of exotic fruits from the point of view of health. The avocado pulp component has the ability to kill tumor cells. Treating cancer of individual organs (or as the doctors say "solid tumors") is a very difficult task.

Baby wet wipes can cause allergies in babies

Baby Wet Wipes Can Cause Allergies In Babies

Dermatologists warn: baby napkins cause skin problems. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Dr. Rosemary Nixon believes that napkins are soaked with an antibacterial fluid that provokes dermatitis. It contains a preservative metilizotiazolinon. According to statistics from two Australian clinics, he caused 11.

Bacteria, which can not handle antibiotics, will destroy vinegar

Bacteria, Which Can Not Handle Antibiotics, Will Destroy Vinegar

Acetic acid can be used as a cheap and non-toxic means for controlling the resistant strain of bacteria causing tuberculosis, and with other drug resistant pathogens. Mycobacterium causes tuberculosis and leprosy. Moreover, in the environment, mycobacterium is quite common, it does not provoke tuberculosis.

Bakheyeva warned about the onset of the epidemic of influenza and sars

Bakheyeva Warned About The Onset Of The Epidemic Of Influenza And Sars

In Ukraine, an epidemic of influenza and SARS begins. This was stated by the People's Deputy of Ukraine, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Health Care Tetyana Bakteyeva. She reported that the incidence rate among the general population was 23%, and among children - 25%. Tetiana Bakhteyeva notes that 35,500 people have been ill since the week of September 15 to September 21, 2014 in the cities of Ukraine, where control measures were taken, namely Vinnitsa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Chernihiv.