Tips (June 2018)
Alcohol causes irreversible processes in the brain of the driver

Alcohol Causes Irreversible Processes In The Brain Of The Driver

The human brain consists of three main parts - the brain, the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata. The brain controls key functions such as thinking, vision, emotions, etc., while alcohol reduces their functionality. The cerebellum basically controls the movement, and "deals with reflexes, balance and coordination.

Alcon ciba vision air optix lenses

Alcon Ciba Vision Air Optix Lenses

The merger of two American corporations Alcon and Ciba Vision have benefited everyone. In any case, the growing popularity of the whole range of AirOptix products, as well as the love and recognition of buyers with eye-catching problems around the world, are all about this. To date, the corporation has released more than 5 types of contact lenses for short-sighted and far-sighted people, as well as special lenses for those who suffer from astigmatism.

All about tracheitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

All About Tracheitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Tracheitis in most cases occurs due to infection and it happens that it is ill with viral manifestations of the disease. Sometimes tracheitis is a consequence of the transition of the disease from other organs - the larynx, pharynx, bronchi. Therefore, in diagnoses, you can often find a double name - tracheonchitis or laryngotracheitis.

Allergic and chronic conjunctivitis: causes and manifestations of eye disease

Allergic And Chronic Conjunctivitis: Causes And Manifestations Of Eye Disease

To begin with, you need to have an idea of ​​how the eye is arranged - its front and back surfaces are covered with a transparent film - conjunctiva. It creates a protective barrier against small foreign bodies and microorganisms. The word conjunctivitis is called the common name for a whole group of inflammatory conditions of the conjunctiva that are common in children and adults.

All stages of intestinal cancer: named risks and predisposition

All Stages Of Intestinal Cancer: Named Risks And Predisposition

On the occurrence of bowel disease, the appearance of cancer it can affect many factors: what ever damage, adverse environmental factors, poor diet, age, heredity, alcohol and smoking. But cancer can occur for other reasons - just something went wrong in the body. Please be aware that bowel cancer concept combines different in location, shape and histological structure of malignant tumors of the colon, rectum and cecum, plus anal canal.

Alzheimer's disease: scientists at the beginning of the path

Alzheimer'S Disease: Scientists At The Beginning Of The Path

Scientists continue to unravel complex brain changes associated with the emergence and progression of Alzheimer's disease. It is likely that brain damage begins about ten years before memory and other cognitive problems become apparent. In this preclinical stage of Alzheimer's disease it seems that it proceeds asymptomatic, but toxic changes, however, occur.

American scientists are working on creating

American Scientists Are Working On Creating "Pills Of Goodness"

Scientists from the University of California are working on a pill that can cause a person feelings of sympathy and empathy. It is possible that therapy with the use of such drugs will be assigned to the most unhappy criminals. Can a person who has committed ruthless crimes become more kind and compassionate with medication?

American scientists created an artificial chromosome and placed it in a living cell

American Scientists Created An Artificial Chromosome And Placed It In A Living Cell

"We have achieved that in the field of synthetic biology have moved from theory to reality," - said Prof. Jeff Bock, Director of the Langone Medical Center at New York University. The scientist also noted that the study allowed the inclusion of artificial chromosomes in the living cells. "We have proven that the yeast chromosome is almost identical to a natural cell, which opens up new possibilities," he said.

Americans were offered to grow gmos at home

Americans Were Offered To Grow Gmos At Home

Two years ago, American scientists presented the world with the unique technology CRISPR / Cas9, which allows you to change the genome of living organisms. The essence of the method lies in the effect on the molecular mechanism of protection, which scientists were able to force the DNA fragments of the cell to change their desired way.

Among suicides there are no egoists

Among Suicides There Are No Egoists

As a rule, people decide to commit suicide because they feel a burden to family or friends. Also, they often feel a sense of hopelessness and are convinced that pain will never happen. These are the findings of the researchers, writes Pro Bono Australia. Meanwhile, many consider suicide as an egoistic act.

Analytical scales

Analytical Scales

Analytical scales are an important measuring device in the research work of any laboratory. Almost every laboratory analysis (titration, gravimetry, chromatography) begins with taking the hanging. Since the final result of the laboratory work depends on the accuracy of the scales, the scales must be accurate - to work without errors.

An effective diet for prostatitis

An Effective Diet For Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a purely "male" pathology and is known to mankind for a long time. This is an inflammation of the prostate, which violates the implementation of its main functions. The disease can lead to infertility, impaired urination, problems in the sexual life (erectile dysfunction and diarrhea).

An effective way to quit smoking

An Effective Way To Quit Smoking

Many smokers have already realized what kind of harm the body smokes, but only to quit smoking, usually there is not enough one desire. The body of the smoker is already accustomed to receiving a dose of poison (and nicotine, as everyone knows, it is the poison itself), so the body will begin to demand it again and again, and the person at this time will feel weak, lethargic, broken and sick.

An ideal diet for atherosclerosis is developed

An Ideal Diet For Atherosclerosis Is Developed

Compliance with a strict diet in atherosclerosis is a major component of treatment. Atherosclerosis is one of the diseases in which observance of a particular diet is a key point in the treatment process. The goal of such a balanced diet is to minimize the amount of products that contain a huge amount of cholesterol and fats of animal origin.

An ideal posture in a sedentary way of life is possible

An Ideal Posture In A Sedentary Way Of Life Is Possible

While sitting at the computer, practically every person humbles and cuts his head too much, which leads to curvature of the spine and spoiled posture. It turns out that only 20-30 minutes of gymnastics will help not only to level your back, but also to help you lose weight, because active exercises effectively burn fat and normalize metabolism, which is very important in a sedentary way of life.

A rich, intimate life for a man can guarantee low growth

A Rich, Intimate Life For A Man Can Guarantee Low Growth

Scientists compared male sexual activity indicators based on their age, height, weight, and health. It turned out that young men, who were in good physical form, were more likely to have sex. At the same time, according to the study, men who had a small height (maximum 170 centimeters), more and more felt the pleasure of sex.

Anorexia affects not only women - research

Anorexia Affects Not Only Women - Research

Disorders of eating behavior include anorexia, bulimia and overeating. It is widespread that only women can suffer from eating disorders. This false stereotype is also widespread among medical workers, according to researchers. However, new data from British scientists suggest that a strong sex is equally vulnerable to such a threat.

Anorexia can be cured only by love

Anorexia Can Be Cured Only By Love

Oxytocin - a hormone released during childbirth, sex and breastfeeding. This compound has been proven to be able to reduce social anxiety rates in people with autism. His Janet Treeser of the Royal College of Psychiatry Institute of London proposes to use for the treatment of anorexia, reports BBC. Due to oxytocin, people with anorexia are less focused on food and appearance.

Anorexia: signs and risk factors

Anorexia: Signs And Risk Factors

Promoted on all TV screens and covers of fashion magazines, the sketch of models, which are issued as a prerequisite for a successful and successful life. For some girls it becomes an obsessive idea and eventually grows up in the disease as anorexia - constant dissatisfaction with its appearance body, weight.

Anti-aging procedures can deprive a person of sight

Anti-Aging Procedures Can Deprive A Person Of Sight

As The Daily Mail reports, in rare cases the introduction of filers into the frontal area provokes irreversible damage to the eyes. It is noteworthy: in the US, the Food and Drug Administration supports only the use of filers in the area around the mouth and in the very center of the forehead. Although males are not recommended for insertion into the eye area, some doctors are still injected into this area.