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The 10 best practices do not fall asleep at work when tired at the weekend

The 10 Best Practices Do Not Fall Asleep At Work When Tired At The Weekend

At the weekend everyone is engaged in various occupations, who rest, and who - works. Of course, work on the weekend is mainly related to home cleaning, trips to the country house and flooding the city, washing, ironing, shopping trips and the market. But what to do if you are tired of the weekend and can not get a job?

3 products will help to give your hair the strength and luster

3 Products Will Help To Give Your Hair The Strength And Luster

1 Nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts are one of the best natural sources of selenium, which is an important mineral for the health of the scalp. And the composition of walnuts includes alpha-linolenic acid, omega acids, which also have a beneficial effect on the state of hair. A great source of zinc is cashew nuts, pecans and almonds.

A 43-year-old man formed a tumor of the brain from long conversations on mobile

A 43-Year-Old Man Formed A Tumor Of The Brain From Long Conversations On Mobile

Regular conversations on a mobile phone for six hours daily caused the development of a brain tumor in a 43-year-old man. Now doctors claim that he only has three years of life. English businessman Yen Phillips some time ago faced with unexplained headaches. A general practitioner sent a patient to a hospital, whose doctors conducted a series of tests and told the injured man that he had a tumor of the brain located near the right ear.

5 risk factors for pregnant women in the winter

5 Risk Factors For Pregnant Women In The Winter

Having a baby is not only a joy but also a great responsibility. The health of the baby in many respects depends on the behavior and health of the mother. This is why the professional accompaniment of pregnancy, which is provided at the Institute for Family Planning, is necessary. A characteristic imprint on the health of mom and baby imposes seasonality.

5 ways to get rid of bad breath

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Nobody likes to smell like an unpleasant mouth from an interlocutor - so you can create an extremely unpleasant first impression. But there is good news: there are several easy ways to get rid of it. In most cases, the bad breath is the gases produced by colonies of bacteria in the oral cavity, on gums, teeth and tongue.

8 shades of schizophrenia

8 Shades Of Schizophrenia

American experts in psychiatric genetics have made a breakthrough in understanding the biological nature of schizophrenia and confirm earlier the assumption that the basis of the disease is not the mutations in individual genes, but the complex cross-links of many genes. As a result, it turned out that in the case of schizophrenia, it is not about one disease, but about eight genetically different diseases, each of which has its own set of symptoms.

8 tips how to survive the day after a sleepless night

8 Tips How To Survive The Day After A Sleepless Night

If the night could not sleep, and get up early in the morning, we offer you advice on how to survive the effects of a sleepless night. Do not sit behind the wheel Not a small percentage of accidents happens because the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Because of the monotonous movements and the boring "traffic jams", it forces you to close your eyes for a few seconds.

8 ways to use lemon for health and beauty

8 Ways To Use Lemon For Health And Beauty

1. With hyperpigmentation: lemon contains natural components for skin illumination. For lighting, a mask of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, natural yogurt and honey is used, it should be applied to the skin once a day for 20 minutes. Spotting is a slow process that takes some time. Be sure to use sunscreen, as the lemons make the skin sensitive to light.

9 best ways to cope with back pain

9 Best Ways To Cope With Back Pain

Many of us are familiar with the state of the rumors, when in the back are "col", in the back "stone", and each movement responds "shot" along the entire back and in the head. Sometimes the pain is how strong and paralyzing that state can be characterized: "do not come back to me, do not bend, do not bend".

9 symptoms of border disorder

9 Symptoms Of Border Disorder

A person must constantly demonstrate a behavioral pattern that includes at least five of these symptoms: 1. Extreme reactions - including signs of panic, depression, anger, or illogical actions 2. Propensity for intense and violent relations with family, friends and relatives, with polar manifestations of love, hostility and anger 3.

9 terrible reactions of our organism to stress

9 Terrible Reactions Of Our Organism To Stress

Everyone knows how our body responds to stress: the body is weakening, the pressure jumps, the energy at zero, as in the rabbit with advertising batteries. But what about whistling in the ears and regular jogging to the "porcelain one"? This is already a serious bell, hinting that you urgently need to calm down and try to relax.

Abc for weight loss: simple and effective rules

Abc For Weight Loss: Simple And Effective Rules

Everybody who wants to lose weight wants to become slim until the day after they drank a glass of kefir at night. In fact, the miracle will not be and wait for it senseless, you need to work on your body, following some rules, and only then you can hope for a good result. There is one very important rule - spend more calories than eating.

About the intricacies of plastic surgery and how to prepare them

About The Intricacies Of Plastic Surgery And How To Prepare Them

Can you name the top of the most popular plastic operations? What do people want to change most? If we talk about general statistics in the field of aesthetic surgery, then I do not have data on our country because it is not available in accessible form. I use the results of the annual research of ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Accelerate hair growth at home - expert advice

Accelerate Hair Growth At Home - Expert Advice

"Damage or loss of hair associated with the effects of aggressive chemical treatment or the abuse of rectifiers and flatulites is one problem that the hairdresser, stylist and, in fact, the woman himself, is responsible for." But anxiety, such as anemia Or thyroid problems can also be the cause of hair loss, and requires the intervention of a doctor, "says Francesca Fusco, MD in clinical dermatology from the Sinai School of Medicine.

According to scientists, rice helps to cope with insomnia

According To Scientists, Rice Helps To Cope With Insomnia

Highly skilled specialists from one of the world's leading institutes have recently been conducting a study in which it became known that rice in the most favorable way affects a healthy and healthy sleep during normal hours of eight hours, when the windows are already silence and calm. Assistance in establishing this fact to doctors has been an experimental study, which involved more than two thousand volunteer participants of the respondents.

Acne, and especially if they appear on the face, bring discomfort and pain.

Acne, And Especially If They Appear On The Face, Bring Discomfort And Pain.

There are five easiest products that will help you get rid of this annoyance for sure and for a long time. To do this, you have to re-examine your diet - eliminate irritants, which include all kinds of spices, spicy and fatty foods that badly affect the entire work of the gastrointestinal tract and are reflected on the face in the form of ugly - acne.

Masks from acne

Masks From Acne

Applying masks from acne, follow the basic rules: 1. Do not use mixtures, the ingredients of which is an allergic reaction. 2. In the process of making masks on the basis of clay and body do not use metal utensils. 3. Before the procedure thoroughly clean the skin. 4. Do not apply the mixture on the area around the eyes and lips.

After 36 years in 33 countries of the world there will be no tuberculosis

After 36 Years In 33 Countries Of The World There Will Be No Tuberculosis

By estimates, WHO will be able to defeat tuberculosis in countries with a low incidence rate by 2050. WHO and European Respiratory Society experts presented a program to combat tuberculosis in 33 countries of the world. In the first stage, by 2035, the level of morbidity should be up to 10 new cases per year for 1 million inhabitants per year.

After birth, 75% of women are gaining weight

After Birth, 75% Of Women Are Gaining Weight

Many mothers after childbirth are trying to return to the weight they had before they were pregnant. Researchers at the University of Chicago and the Houston Methodist found that nearly 75% of women in the year after childbirth weigh more compared to how much they weighed before pregnancy. The researchers analyzed data from 774 low-income women.

Aggressive people prefer red clothes in their clothes

Aggressive People Prefer Red Clothes In Their Clothes

Researchers at the University of North Dakota made an unexpected discovery: in a state of anger, a person prefers a red color rather than a blue one. In general, such preferences can talk about hostility, writes Business Standard. This was proved by an experiment with a group of volunteers who were asked to choose a color.