Tips for those who go on the road with a kid

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Caught up with a kid? It is worth learning how to prevent mistakes, how to take a child on the road and, most importantly, which vehicle to use?

What transport is best for traveling with a child? It depends first of all on the chosen route. If you have a lot of crossings from place to place, you plan to visit sights in different cities, then, of course, your option - a car. Do you need to just get to a vacation spot, where do you plan to spend your entire vacation? Choose a trip by train, bus or plane if the place is distant.

The benefit of the flight is obvious - it's speed. But different airlines have their own rules. For example, find out to what age the baby should be at the hands of parents (usually 18-24 months) when flying, whether you can carry a carriage without additional payment, which medicines and products are allowed to take in the salon. As a rule, children are well tolerated, but during the take-off and landing, ears may fall ill. To prevent this from happening, apply a crust to your chest or give a nipple, a bottle. An older child is a sucking candy.

The trip by car is good because you yourself distribute time of rest. It is best to adjust so that the baby sleeps most of the time. The road will go unnoticed to him!

Kids can drop in cars and buses. Means from pumping have and contraindications, so choose them should be with the pediatrician. There are a number of preventive measures. Less shrinks if you tightly press the seat and look at the front, not the side glass. The car needs to open the window - it will not harm the child, and fresh air will help cope with nausea. Do more frequent stops, but you have to eat less often, with light food. You can sip mint candies.

Often, until the pumping is caused not so much the weak vestibular apparatus, but the psychological factors. The child grows up, and trouble remains only because the person knows: in a car, I'm loling. Take off your child with a fun game! It is possible that she will forget about discomfort.

Train travel is quite comfortable, but there are two significant disadvantages: it can be very hot and not quite clean. With heat you will not do anything, unless you are instructed by the conductor to open the window. But you can take care of hygiene. Take a tool for disinfecting hands, treat all surfaces in your compartment, let the child rub the pens every hour. If he is not yet 4 years old, take a pot with him. Toilets in the train are often closed, but the stomach can not stand.

Tips for those who go on the road with a kid
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