Tips for parents of a blind child

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Slighted parents do not always understand what is most important in the upbringing of a blind or visually impaired child.

If a blind or visually impaired child could be inquired about how and what was best for him, he could say the following.

I demand more attention than other children.

I myself can not learn why my visionary peers are learning, just looking at how mom and dad do it.

I need to teach you to enjoy the taste, smell, touch.

Please, parents, talk more with me so I know what you are next to.

I need to warn you that you are coming to me and want to do something unexpected: I do not see that your hands are sent to my side.

Always be true with me, since I trust my life to those who help me.

I want to hear your laugh when you play with me: I can not see your smile.

Explain, please, if something should happen: I do not see where you are and what you are doing.

To inspire confidence in me, please tell me the sounds of me terrible, not forgetting to hold my hand.

Tell me what you are doing what's happening around me: I know the world so well, but I can not only recognize it with the help of radio or fairy tales.

I can recognize people only by being close to them, helping them do something.

Let me have toys made not only of plastic, but also of wood, wool or iron. The toys should be large enough, then I do not swallow them, but they should not get lost - tie them to my crib.

For me to develop better, tell me what and what is called that wet, that is cold or hot, and that can produce pleasant and unpleasant sounds and smells.

I want to play not only toys, but also real things, because I have to learn and remember things that are in the surrounding world.

Let me help in the kitchen: I can learn a lot by using your nose and hands, just do not forget to take precautions.

As I grow up, I need to know a great world: let me touch the leaves of trees, vegetables, fruits and much more.

If you play with me, then call me until I can find you.

If you want to teach me something, then hold me in hand: I can not repeat the action, looking at you.

Be sure to teach me to dress myself and undress.

Teach me to brush my teeth, rub off and bathe yourself.

In the room and apartment where I live, show me furniture, shelves, doors, and if you want to rearrange the furniture, tell me about it.

Teach me to walk on the stairs - just better to have it with railing.

Leaving me to play the street in bad weather, do not cover my ears, or how do I find out what's going on near and far.

I love playing with other children - I'm also a kid, and not scared if I have a pair of bruises.

It is very important that I know whether I am a boy or a girl and what it means.

If I need to wear glasses, please make sure I do not remove them. Because of the points I'm ashamed of others, but I'm used to and adapt, just buy me beautiful glasses.

Make sure that I have spare glasses, so that I wash them regularly, so that they are not scratched, and still teach me to put them up with glasses.

Such advice can be given to parents on behalf of their blind or people with sight or siblings, then the children will be satisfied and developed and will be easier for parents.

Tips for parents of a blind child
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