Tips for a healthy diet without harming your heart

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Completeness and cardiovascular diseases often go hand in hand.

The reason for this is extra pounds and an excess of animal fats. But do not hurry to sit on a strict diet - find out how to lose weight without harm to the heart.

When excessive pounds stagnate at the waist, the size of the heart increases to cope with increased stress, which poses a threat to the health of the heart. Still bug it - it is difficult for him to pump blood through all this layer of fat, penetrated by an extensive network of small vessels! If the weight of the body begins to decrease, and the supply of necessary myocardium of plastic and energy substances is limited, the heart weakens. This is especially noticeable in the case of rapid weight loss: if more than 50-70 g per day (300-500 g per week) goes, then the kilograms melt away not so much by fat, but by the destruction of muscle tissue. Naturally, not only the biceps and triceps, but also the myocardium begin to dissolve.

At the same time, do not be afraid, if at first the weight reduction will be shocking. The fact that 1-1.5 kg a week can disappear due to the removal of a fluid stagnant in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is known to have high hydrophilicity - the ability to delay water. But by the middle of the first month of the diet the process begins to slow down.

KNOW-HAU Do not force events! Minus 1-1,5 kg per month according to the program of smooth weight reduction, calculated, say, for six months, - excellent result! To go exactly fat, you need to strengthen the diet by pursuing cardiovascular equipment and swimming - both of these strengthens the heart muscle.

ADVICE. Enrich your diet with foods that are beneficial to the myocardium. It is especially needed for him vitamins C, B, coenzyme Q10, carnitine, as well as potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

If you still sat on a diet, watch the weight fluctuations - it will help to timely recognize the symptoms of heart trouble. The main task of your "flaming motor" is to continuously pump the blood, ensuring a timely outflow of fluid from the tissues. She starts to stagnate there as the heart weakens because of a very poor diet.

KNOW-HAU Pay attention to the pulse. Measure the frequency of cardiac contractions should be in a state of rest: in the morning, waking up without an alarm clock, without getting up from bed, count the number of beats per minute. If they are less than 60 or more than 80-90, then the heart is not OK!

ADVICE. Check the legs - they swell primarily because pumping water from here is especially difficult - after all, you need to overcome the force of gravity a column of liquid in height of more than a meter! Not surprisingly, the feet and legs are worse drained and the first signals about the violation of the pumping function of the myocardium. Many people mistakenly associate such edema with varicose veins - its signs are many full of girls. Look for indirect signs that indicate that in this case the guilty heart. Look at the nails and lips: because of deteriorating blood circulation, they acquire a light bluish tint. Having shortness of breath under the usual stress? Here's another symptom of heart failure. For example, before, you freely climbed the stairs to the third floor, and now have to stop to cope with breathing. Need to check the heart!

Tips for a healthy diet without harming your heart
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