Tips for treating coughing and bronchitis

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To quickly cure the bronchitis for medical treatment, it would be good to add recipes for folk medicine - our grandmothers have hundreds of tips that have been tested for decades. But even with such a recommendation, you should be very careful with the preparation of such remedies, especially if you are going to treat children.

To treat bronchitis and cough in children, you need to cut the radish into small pieces, put it in a saucepan and fill it with sugar on top. Put in an oven and bake for 2 hours. Then you need to cool a bit and drain the juice (bits of radish need to be thrown out). The resulting juice is poured into a bottle and we give the child two teaspoons 3-4 times a day before meals and at night before bedtime.

In chronic bronchitis, it is good to treat pork "runny nose" - fat from the gut or "inward" fat. I need to put a net in a dish and put in a warm, but not a hot oven (you can on a very light fire), so that the fat drips out of the net. The melted fat is merged and placed in a cold place. And then on one glass of hot milk we take 1 dessert spoons of bacon, dissolve and drink small droplets in hot form. It is also good for external use - it is mixed with turpentine and rubbed into the chest dry.

But the Brazilian grandmothers are preparing their grandchildren such a cough and bronchitis remedy: take ripe bananas and wipe them through a sieve, then put bananas in a saucepan with hot water in proportion of 2 bananas per 1 cup of water with sugar. Then reheat and drink this mixture.

A proven way to fight bronchitis - take 10 bulbs and one head of garlic, peeled and ground. All this "beauty" needs to be boiled in unpasteurized milk until the vegetables become soft. Then you need to add a bit of juice "dog mint" or "Toby", a little honey. Strain and take hourly for one tablespoon.

And this recipe is familiar to everybody since childhood. And yet it should be reminded. This is a famous gogol-mogul. Take egg yolks, mix with sugar and rum and drink on the ground. Coughing has never happened!

An excellent remedy is a mix of radish juice or carrots with honey in a proportion of 1: 1. Drink it one tablespoon six times a day.

You should also try the following simple recipe: mix 2 tablespoons of unpasteurized fresh butter, 2 yolks of fresh eggs, 1 teaspoon of wheat flour and 2 teaspoons of honey.

Take one teaspoon several times a day.

With dry cough, for the relief of the sputum branch, a very effective means: cowberry syrup with sugar syrup or honey. This delicious medication should be taken more often during the day, and instead of water and tea drink a strawberry decoction.

Tips for treating coughing and bronchitis
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