Thumb lock: how it works

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The problem of a buckling joint on the foot is of concern to many women. Experts call a number of diseases, the main symptom of which is the deformity of the thumb.

Most often before the appearance of "stones" leads to gout, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis of the joint and valgus deformity of the thumb. Although the presence of ghouls on the foot is not the cause of disability, but causes severe discomfort while walking and adversely affects the appearance of female legs.

First and foremost, articular cartilage suffers, losing elasticity and the ability to cushion. Then, due to the increased load, the ligament device of the thumb begins to be damaged.

The microcirculation of blood and atrophied adjacent muscles violates, which leads to a sharp restriction of the mobility of the finger. As a result, the thumb drops toward the other, and its base is shifted outward and downward, causing the formation of so-called "stones".

Factors that lead to deformation of the foot

  • flatfoot;
  • Wearing tight shoes with narrow noses;
  • Hereditary predisposition;
  • overweight;
  • avitaminosis;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Long-term foot load (standing work);
  • Wide foot;
  • Curvature of the legs;
  • Regular overcooling of the legs;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Female sex and elderly.

Degree of deformation of the foot

  • 1 degree. Big finger shifts less than 20 degrees. The disease is not accompanied by pain and difficulty in movement.
  • 2 degree. Deformation reaches 30 degrees, accompanied by weak discomfort and pain during prolonged walking.
  • 3 degree. The joint loses mobility, it hurts, and the finger itself shifts towards 30-50 degrees. Support and depreciation functions are severely affected.
  • 4 degree. Degree of deflection of a finger exceeds 50, pain and discomfort become constant.

Thing the lock for a thumb helps

Wagnut deformation of the thumb requires complex treatment. In order to get rid of "stones", you must follow a certain diet, undergo a course of physical education, massage, physiotherapy. Reducing swelling and joint pain help to receive anti-inflammatory drugs.

In the neglected stage of the disease surgical intervention is used. And at initial degree deformation is successfully corrected by the latch for a thumb. Also, orthopedists recommend using it for the prevention of stones.

Thanks to its anatomical form, the thumb catch allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Correct the wrong position of the finger, preventing it from connecting with the neighbor;
  • In the postoperative period reduces rehabilitation time;
  • Restores the motion of the foot;
  • Prevents progression of the disease;
  • Promotes the disappearance of tattoos;
  • Reduces the risk of bursitis and arthritis.

What are the holders for a thumb?

Clippers that correct deformation of the thumb are used in orthopedics not the first year. Numerous manufacturing companies produce these products in various variations.

  1. The thumb lockers are made of silicone or elastic hypoallergenic plastics.
  2. Some models are provided with a special latch, located between the big and second finger, and other correctors do without it.
  3. A separate ruler of the thumb-holders (so-called bandages) is provided with a tire adjustable in size and fixed with a buckle.

How to use the thumb lock

As a rule, to achieve the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to wear a fixative for three to six months. The corrector, fitted strictly in size, is put on the thumb of the foot, tightly fixed and remains at night. During the day it can also be worn for several hours.

Thumb lock: how it works

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