Throat leech

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The windbreak is like an ordinary infantile infection. It flows easily, passes without treatment. However, after it, the human Varicella zoster virus, which is dying in the cerebrospinal ganglia, is permanently inhabited in the human body.

Antibodies to the virus are detected in 90% of the Earth's population, which means that it is present in their body. Against the background of the weakening of immunity, some disease or stress, it can intensify and cause an unpleasant relapse of chicken pox - herpes zoster, or, in other words, shingles.

Factors that trigger the activation of herpes viruses:

  • Psychological factors, stress, fatigue;
  • Overcooling
  • Excessive insolation (a large amount of ultraviolet light) both in the natural environment and in the solarium;
  • Severe infectious diseases, flu, sore throat - all that depletes the immune system of the body;
  • Physical exhaustion;
  • Poor food;
  • Excessive and prolonged mental workloads;
  • pregnancy;
  • Injuries

Clinical picture

It starts with intoxication (headache, weakness, muscle pain), fever, increased regional lymph nodes and nonspecific pain: it can be balding, cutting, pulsating, shooting, attacking or permanent.

As most of the virus affects the spinal nerves (more than 90% of cases), the pain is localized in the chest and abdomen (65-70% of cases). In addition, in the acute period, allodynia may occur - pain caused by the action of a non-cancerous stimulus, for example, by the touch of clothing, by movement or by cooling.

To diagnose at the onset of the disease is very difficult. Such pain may be a sign of angina, intercostal neuralgia, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, pleurisy, renal colic. But when, after two or four days, there are characteristic rashes, similar to bubbles of herpes on the lips that go along the course of nerve fibers, to determine the disease becomes easy.

The bubbles then turn into crusty, which usually disappear until the end of the 3rd or 4th week. After them, peeling and hypo- or hyperpigmentation may persist for a long time.


In uncomplicated cases, the disease lasts 3-4 weeks. Probability of the disease of the shingles during the lifetime is up to 20%, and the most often suffer from elderly people. The most troubles to the patient is pain, which usually lasts from one to three months, but sometimes becomes chronic.

In 10-20% of patients, pain syndrome persists and goes into posthepatic neuralgia, which can last for years, greatly reducing the quality of life, delivering great suffering, and even leading to depression and loss of independence. For treatment, such patients spend huge sums, while not always seeking results.

Danger of infection

From the blistering bubbles, the virus is secreted, so the shingles are contagious for people who did not suffer from chickenpox. However, when infected, they become sick on the chickenpox, and not the herpes zoster.

IMPORTANTLY: Herpes on the lips causes the Herpes simplex virus, and the shingles - the Varicella zoster virus. These are two different viruses. And although herpes on the lips and herpes zoster have similar names, it is possible to get infected with one form from another.


In order to prevent pain in herpes zoster, it is not necessary to start antiviral therapy and adequate pain relief from the very beginning as soon as possible. Therapy includes antiviral drugs, analgesic, intramuscularly prescribed vitamins of group B, bubbles are treated with antiseptic solutions to prevent their infection.

In the acute period, ultraviolet irradiation is contraindicated, as it leads to increased reproduction of the virus and, therefore, worsens the course of the disease. It is not recommended in the acute period of the disease to take a bath.


In order to prevent the infection of the Varicella zoster virus from the body, it is necessary to vaccinate against chicken pox, which is currently included in the national vaccination calendar. Vaccination is a prevention of both chicken pox and herpes zoster.

Throat leech
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