The three most ridiculous diets that help you lose weight

10 Fad Diets That Are Dangerous And Ridiculous (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

1. Sleep diet. As the name implies, this diet involves a dream - a lot of sleep. The principle of this diet: if you do not wake up, you do not eat. Obviously, the diet is working, but, according to experts, this is not a completely healthy approach to weight loss. Although some researchers have every reason to support this diet. According to them, with such quantity and quality of sleep, the level of hormones of stress and hunger changes in the human body - cortisol, leptin and grelin. This eventually helps a person not overeat.

2. Japanese Banana Diet. The dietetic attractiveness of the banana was discovered in 2006 by a local pharmacist who was fond of Chinese folk medicine and herbal medicine. It is very simple, free from stress and excess, a plan for weight loss, based on one simple rule: you need to eat a breakfast of raw banana and inquires with water at room temperature. It is said to increase metabolism in such a way that you can eat anything in the future. The author of the diet lost 13 kilograms in this way for six months. Goshers, married his girlfriend and published a bestseller, whose circulation is currently estimated at 600,000 copies. Today, the diet has improved: you need to have dinner until 8 pm, and go to bed late at noon. You should also exclude alcohol and fatty food from the diet.

3. Egg diet Is becoming increasingly popular in connection with reports that some well-known people have successfully lost a kilo by eating only eggs. For example, Charles Saatchi lost more than 27 kilos, eating nine eggs a day for 10 months. Adrian Brody lost 13 kilos for six weeks in preparation for a role in the movie "Pianist" following the egg diet. There are variations in the diet where he ate for an omelet breakfast, a small piece of fried chicken for lunch and a small piece of fish with vegetables for a couple for supper.

The three most ridiculous diets that help you lose weight

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