This moisturizer quickly removes your heel from cracks

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In the summer, many people complain that their five are cracking. What only did not invented the people in the name of the justification of cracked heels: heavy weight, prolonged walking, malnutrition, pedicure using a blade, and so on. In fact, the whole problem is the condition of the skin, if it is dry in you, then the heels will constantly crack in the summer, because the legs during the day are in the open air in the open shoes, and are constantly prone to dust. Some people whose skin is normal or greasy is lucky, since their heels are always soft and silky, like the baby.

The problem of dry heel and the appearance of cracks on them can be avoided. For this you do not need to visit beauty salons or buy expensive creams, scrubs or foot masks. It is enough to learn to cook at home moisturizer and daily after washing its feet to enjoy it.

This moisturizer at the moment will save your heel from cracks:

1. Buy in the pharmacy liquid vitamin A and ointment calendula, these components for the cream are relatively inexpensive. On vitamin A you will spend from 6 to 35 hryvnia, depending on the brand and manufacturer, and the ointment of calendula will cost you 3-10 hryvnia, looking at what volume in your volume you choose.

2. Now you need to mix the components for the cream. Take one tube of ointment, squeeze it into a glass jar, and add vitamin A to it twice less. That is, their proportions should be 2: 1, where 2 - an ointment of calendula, 1 - vitamin A. Mix until obtaining a homogeneous consistency.

3. A glass jar with cream should be covered and put in a refrigerator. Do not store cream for more than 2 weeks, it is better to make it smaller for faster use. Since the term of his service is small, because you do not add preservatives to help increase the shelf life.

Each time, after washing your legs, apply five cream with this cream. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, preventing the formation of cracks. It is desirable to lubricate this cream not only with heels, your feet and feet will be grateful to you for vitamins and moisturizing, they will always look great and give you a sense of comfort.

Experts advise, after applying a cream to wear cotton socks, so the effect will be much better. After just one week of applying this miracle cream you will notice the result - your heels will become soft, tender and moist, nails are healthy, and the cuticle will stop getting stuck.

This moisturizer quickly removes your heel from cracks
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