These proven ways to return a normal sleep

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There are many sleep disorders in the world.

But most often there are the inability to sleep in the evening and the inability to wake up in the morning. Many complain about insomnia - the rhythm of life is accelerated, problems and stress become more that can not but lead to neurosis-like states. And one of their signs is sleeping problems. It's no accident that globally sleepy people are so popular. But sleeping pills - this is the way to nowhere - with their help, one-off sleep disorders very quickly become classical insomnia, when without drugs it really does not fall asleep. How to do without them and normalize sleep on their own?

Physiology for help

Without knowledge of your own physiology, it is difficult to find ways to return to sleep. Even Academician Pavlov found that all processes in the body are a combination of processes of excitation and inhibition. The same applies to falling asleep. Excitement is characterized by activation of the nervous system. Correspondingly, the pressure increases, the heart knocks faster, the muscle tone rises, the intestines and the stomach start their work. In the brain at this time, the electrical activity is increasing. Is it worth to say that with the predominance of processes of arousal of sleep becomes in one eye.

Braking, on the contrary, is characterized by slowing of breathing and heart rate, relaxation of muscles, lowering of pressure. At the same time in the body there are important processes of energy recovery, accumulation of forces, nutrients needed, damage repairs. The dream represents a peak of braking processes, namely, the inhibition of the activity of the cerebral cortex.

On this basis, it is logical to assume that in order to normalize the sleep and begin to fall asleep in a timely manner, it must be ensured that in the body the processes of inhibition began to prevail over excitation. They can be tried to call themselves artificially, independently. But for this, one must understand what a person can influence in his body, and what proceeds automatically and control is not exposed.

What do we influence?

It turns out that we can not influence much. The process of regulation of pressure and frequency of heart rate occurs automatically, and we can not change them consciously. But indirectly affecting them is quite possible, changing what we can manage. And the conscious person can control the depth and frequency of breathing and muscle. That is, if you deliberately slow down your breathing and relax your muscles, you can achieve that the body processes the braking process. This method is used a lot unknowingly in order to lower the jumped pressure, calm down. You can try to apply it and to make it easier to fall asleep.

The method is respiratory

It is convenient to lie down and begin to breathe rhythmically and calmly, carrying a breath hold between breathing and exhalation and after exhalation. At the same time, one must try to breathe in shallow, superficially. Attention should be focused on the process of breathing, trying not to allow other thoughts. Very quickly the body will begin to refuse from the daily routine, calm down and sleep can come unnoticed. The method will be even more effective if you add the second one to it.

Relaxing muscles

In the mid-seventies of the last century, autotraining was very popular, through which they tried to repeat the various suggestions at dusk to cure illnesses that have a psychosomatic nature. At the heart of the autotraining was the principle of complete relaxation of the muscles, which resulted in an offensive intermediate state between sleep and cheerfulness. Many of those who tried to practice autotraining independently noted that they did not have time to start repeating the necessary approvals themselves, since they fell asleep.

Hence a very simple conclusion - in order to fall asleep, you must begin to relax all muscle groups. This should be done in the same way as recommended in the method of autotraining - in stages, in strict sequence, focusing on their actions. First relax the muscles of the foot of the right leg, then the legs, then the thigh of the right leg. Then in the same sequence relax the muscles of the left leg. And so it is necessary to act, moving up: area of ​​the buttocks, abdomen, back, forearm, shoulders, neck, neck, face. As a rule, falling asleep occurs imperceptible even before all the muscles are relaxed.

Sometimes the sleep is disturbed precisely because of strong blocks in the muscles, especially muscles of the shoulders, neck and neck. And the relaxation of these areas helps to fall asleep better than sleeping pills. A conscious loss of muscle clamps is now used very actively in many psychological practices aimed at improving the state of a person and normalizing sleep.


Relaxing muscles and relieving them from clamps helps massage. In order to ease the onset of sleep, you can before bed do a massage of the collar area, brushes and feet. It is important to propose these places qualitatively and thoroughly, without missing a single plot. In this case, the movements must be slow, rubbing and kneading. Such a rhythm of muscle effects triggers the processes of braking in the cerebral cortex, reduces the electrical activity of the brain and calms down, leading to a natural sleep.

Do you count elephants?

The old way to fall asleep suggests that you have to start thinking about yourself elephants (in fact, anything you want). It is believed that it gradually disconnects the internal brain's monologue and leads to the disappearance of constantly pop-up thoughts and gradually lulls.

Ideally, the principle is correct. But this method does not help all and not always. And the reason here is simple and lies in the inability to concentrate entirely on the process and in the wrong emotional mood. To count items, concentrating on the account, it is necessary to calmly and without irritation. If the process starts to emotionally color itself with irritation and a fear of failure, then the failure will not be forgotten and fall asleep, as the processes of inhibition caused by the monotony of activity will collide and alleviate the activation of the processes of excitation from feelings of irritation.

Game with eyes

Investigations of the nature of falling asleep have shown that when tiredness of the oculomotor muscles there is a feeling of drowsiness. Similarly, this condition enhances the fatigue of the facial and neck muscles. From here it was concluded that if you create a feeling of fatigue, then the process of falling asleep can be greatly facilitated.

To do this, simply, simply lying in bed, take a look up, make your eyes, trying to look at the center of the forehead and keep the eye muscles in that position for longer. The desire to relax your eyes and fall asleep will not make you wait.

You can do the following exercise: relax the facial and throat muscles, and lower your eyes downward, looking inwardly. It will quickly relax your body and help you sleep slowly.

Should I be afraid of sleep disturbance?

Many people, having experienced difficulties with falling asleep, begin to fall into panic and believe that they have insomnia. The fear of repeating the same situation causes them to be nervous before going to sleep the next day, which, of course, will cause the excitation process to prevail over braking and fall asleep. Thus, a vicious circle is formed and afflicted with health. Insomnia is a matter of the hands of the man himself. As a result, a person claps for medicine and loses the ability to fall asleep naturally without medication. Restoration of the normal sleep after the use of hypnotics and other psychotropic substances is extremely difficult.

Hence the conclusion: it is better not to start using drugs for sleep. And to be afraid of insomnia, too, is not worth it.

The best way to restore a healthy sleep is to afford not to sleep when you sleep in one eye, and not to be nervous about the fact that the dream did not come on time. The human body is complex: it is self-organizing and self-restraining. Accordingly, failures in his work are quite possible. But if you do not fall into panic and do not rush immediately to eliminate pitfalls, they pass by themselves.

If you do not want to sleep - do not sleep. Lying in bed at the same time is not necessarily and even harmful. A person begins to quarrel, to be angry, to become angry, to be afraid that he will not fall asleep, and as a result does not fall asleep. We must allow ourselves not to sleep and go to do something. Just in no case can you turn on a TV and watch movies, or worse to dip into the Internet, having settled on a computer. Blinking the screen will constantly feed the processes of excitation of the cerebral cortex, only feeding the sleepless state (for the future in general, you should take the rule to stop working at the computer for a couple of hours until the expected sleep, then the violation will not prevail before bedtime in the cerebral cortex). The best thing is to read a book, walk, paint, hang up, pick things up. Monotone activity will gradually calm the nervous system and there will be a natural assumption that will make the eyes fall asleep.

If the dream does not come, it is better not to go further. It is better not to sleep one night than to plant the body on sleeping pills and spoil the natural mechanism of falling asleep. After a day without sleep, the next evening, it will be much easier to sleep. But provided that no drugs were drunk and no excitement for the brain in the form of a peep in front of the computer and the game in the shooter was not.

These proven ways to return a normal sleep
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