These products can spoil your mood

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The mood of a person, especially emotional, can change several times a day. It turns out to be the fault of all the products that make up the diet. Some of them, according to scientists, can disrupt a person and make her fall into a depressed state. More precisely, in foods there are substances that adversely affect the human nervous system and brain functions.

Which foods spoil your mood?

1. Sparkling beverages. The fact is that they contain sugar in a huge amount, and the excess of the norm of glucose in the blood leads to a general state of lethargy in humans, from which it can dry up and the mood will come to "no."

2. Meat processed with liquid smoke, as well as canned food. In this case, the bad mood is caused by preservatives and flavor enhancers, which, to everything else, spoil your shape well. Therefore, give up the mashed potatoes, smoked sausage, ham, bozhenin, sausages and everything else.

3. Margarine and spread. Scientists advise to avoid the use of margarine and spreads in cooking, which contain a huge amount of fatty acids in its composition, clogging the blood vessels with cholesterol, resulting in you will feel bad, and this will definitely affect your mood. It is best to eat butter, but you still have to control the amount of oil consumed per day.

4. Nuts and pumpkin seeds are dangerous for health and morale only if they are processed and sold in a package with the addition of spices and other nonsense. Such products are often distinguished by the challenge of severe headaches and, consequently, worsening mood and even depression.

5. Bakery products and baking for a long time will fill you, but very quickly affect the mood, knocking it down. Plus, these products contribute to gaining weight and obesity, so it's advisable to put an end to them once and for all. If you can not live without bread, then buy or burn it from hard varieties of wheat, whole grains or rye flour.

6. Alcoholic beverages, which people often resort to to have fun, bring an irreversible blow to the nervous system, after which a person will feel broken and insignificant. The impact of alcohol on humans is disastrous, proved by scientists, so it is not worthwhile turning holidays and happy moments into life in self-destruction with the help of alcohol.

These products can spoil your mood
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