These are the main causes of breast cancer

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Breast cancer continues to be one of the most common threats to the life and health of women. But there are factors that more or less provoke this disease. About them today and will be discussed.

The first factor is sexual attachment. Breast cancer is most commonly seen in women. But it happens that men are also prone to this disease.

The second factor is the age. The disease can occur at any age. But the most dangerous is the age of women after 50 years - with the onset of menopause women are more prone to contract breast cancer.

The third factor is the reproductive history of women. It happens that the risk of breast cancer varies depending on the various stages in which the body of the woman lives. This is the early first menstruation and late childbirth (experts argue that each year the delay in pregnancy increases the chances of breast cancer by 3%. But the birth at a young age, on the contrary, helps reduce the probability of the disease).

Another factor in women's reproductive history is the denial of breastfeeding. Need to know - Breastfeeding protects women from breast cancer. According to research, it became clear that women who breastfeed for prolonged periods of time, are less likely to attack this disease.

Another point in reproductive history is the late menopause, which also increases the chances of developing cancer.

The fourth factor is hormones. If the amount of estrogen, testosterone, insulin, prolactin exceeds the norm in the body of a woman, then the risk of oncological disease for her increases accordingly.

Fifth factor - oral contraceptives Women who are using or have used in the past contraceptive pills are among the high-risk groups.

The sixth factor is heredity and the history of the disease If there is a genetic predisposition, then the chance to buy breast cancer from such women is increasing.

The seventh factor is bad habits Drinking alcohol, smoking, overeating, disorderly sexual life - all of this disturbs the hormonal background and increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

These are the main causes of breast cancer
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