Therapeutic massage in sports traumas

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Massage in sports injuries - one of the most important components of complex treatment. His main role is to use during rehab, when the performance of athletes after traumatized injuries is somewhat limited.

The most characteristic of the sport and are often found to be various stretching and damage to the muscles and tendons, as well as dislocations and strokes.

Influence of massage on the rehabilitation process

A therapeutic massage performed in sports injuries involves the following positive factors:

  • Promotes hyperemia as a skin irritant;
  • Reduces sensitivity of the peripheral nerves, than is determined by a sharp decrease in the pain of the injured area;
  • Activates muscle contractions;
  • Actively prevents the occurrence of atrophy, and if it already exists, it helps to eliminate it completely or partially;
  • Strengthens muscles and improves trophism of muscle tissue;
  • Promotes more rapid formation of bone callus;
  • It is effectively involved in the resorption of hemorrhages, edema and infiltrates.

Basic stages and receptions

The basic methods of massage for sports injuries are: rubbing, stroking, squeezing, warm-up and others. The choice of massage techniques depends on the nature and location of the injury, as well as on the configuration of the muscles.

For example, in the case of injury or clogging of soft tissues, when there is no rupture of large vessels, the massage is prescribed already on the first day after receiving sports injuries. Such massage will accelerate the restoration of the functions of tissues and relax the muscles or ligaments of the damaged area (here you can find massage tables).

With lesions of the musculoskeletal system, the massage is divided into two stages

  • preparatory - this stage is carried out on non traumatized parts and performed in several sessions;
  • basic - the stage is performed directly on the damaged area and to it, it is possible to proceed only in the absence of a high temperature athlete, extreme swelling of the tissues and pain in the area of ​​the blocked.

Massage in sports injuries after stretching the ligaments and joints contributes to a significant reduction in symptoms, such as: swelling in the joints and limited movement in the damaged area.

Massage during dislocations is carried out in several stages: after exercise and using the same method, as with stretching and strokes.

At fractures, the massage is directed, as a rule, to the improvement of blood and lymph circulation, as well as to the activation of muscle elasticity and normalization of the functions of the limbs. Massage is prescribed on the second day after injury, which helps to soothe the pain and greatly improves the resection of the hematoma in the fracture region and causes more active formation of bone callus.

Massage in sports injuries is part of a rationally-built system of sports training, since it helps to prevent and treat a significant number of traumatic conditions. Therefore, one should not neglect such a positive method of treatment, which can also help with various diseases associated with overtraining and overload.

Therapeutic massage in sports traumas
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