Teeth whitening: who can and who can not

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Recently, a lot of patients are very popular with a procedure such as teeth whitening. Online tips will help you determine the method of bleaching and find out what are the contraindications to this.

In most developed countries, the procedure for teeth whitening has long been the usual cosmetic procedure. However, not everyone knows that it has side effects. A doctor's consultation online will help you find out more about bleaching your teeth. Also, expert advice will be needed in obtaining information on available contraindications.

Contraindications for whitening teeth

According to experts, the removal of plaque from teeth is considered safe for health. However, before proceeding with this procedure, it is necessary to pre-cure the caries, remove the tooth-stone, to treat interdental gaps. In addition, there are reasons why teeth whitening are not recommended:

  • Presence of enlarged pulp chamber. With such anatomical features there is an increased sensitivity of the teeth. For the same reason it is not recommended to whiten teeth in children and adults;
  • In other cases, increased sensitivity of the teeth, for example, when exposed to the cervical part of the tooth root;
  • Presence of significant defects in enamel;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the lack of any research in this category of patients;
  • Intolerance to hydrogen peroxide. There is a categorical contraindication of whitening teeth;
  • The presence in the patient of a large number of seals and crowns, carious cavities, periodontal diseases, other defects of the dental cavity;
  • Bracelet wearing;
  • Presence in the patient of common diseases: tumors, asthma, diabetes and others.

On the sites of dental clinics can be consulted online, learn more information about teeth whitening from professionals.

Indications for teeth whitening

If the patient does not have any of the above problems, then you can already use the procedure to clean the teeth. The greatest effectiveness of the procedure is achieved in the following cases:

Teeth whitening: who can and who can not
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