Teeth whitening for one evening

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You always wanted to have a snow-white smile, but the trip to the dentist was constantly delayed due to lack of time? But tomorrow is the most important day when one needs to be charming. Let's consider whether it is possible to whiten teeth in one evening.

From glossy magazines we are looking at beauties with dazzling smiles, dentists in one voice argue that white teeth are a sign of beauty and health. But from birth, teeth have a completely non-white color. To help those who wish to improve their appearance comes modern aesthetic dentistry and folk methods. We suggest finding the most effective way to teeth whitening one evening.

In the dental clinic

Here you will be offered a choice of two methods: mechanical and chemical. The procedure for mechanical teeth whitening is carried out using an ultrasound apparatus. He removes a dental stone and plaque that allows whitening teeth in one evening at 2-3 tones. This method is recommended to be used continuously, namely at least once every six months.

The chemical process of bleaching allows you to achieve more impressive results - teeth whitening for 6-7 tones in one evening you are guaranteed. But this method is very aggressive, can easily damage the enamel of teeth and make them very sensitive to cold and hot drinks.

At home

Although home bleaching will not provide you with the same tremendous effect as procedures in a dental clinic, but it is more sparing for dental enamel. After all, you do not want to shine one evening, and then for a long time suffer from high sensitivity? We offer recipes that will help tooth whitening in one evening at home:

Teeth whitening for one evening
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