Teeth shaving: principle of method

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With some gum disease, such as periodontitis and periodontal disease, the teeth begin to weaken. In dentistry there is a way to save teeth and reduce their mobility - shining.

For various injuries, such as fracture of the jaw, or as a result of inflammatory or atrophic diseases, teeth breakdown occurs.

Periodontal tissues that hold the tooth in their place receive an incorrect, excessive load that only worsens the condition.

It is in these cases that the teeth are shown. Most often this procedure is carried out on the anterior teeth of the upper and lower jaw, with fractures of the jaws the tires are superimposed on both jaw.

Methods of brushing teeth

Toothbrushing can be done in a variety of ways.

Previously, the teeth were shiny with crowns or removable prosthesis, but now they try to refuse this technique, as the patient feels discomfort when wearing removable dentures.

This technique is simply irreplaceable in the absence of one or more teeth in the oral cavity. It allows you to solve two problems at once:

  • Restore lost teeth;
  • To treat and prevent the mobility of teeth.

When choosing a shining design of the design, the doctor takes into account the number of missing teeth, the type of deformation of the dentition, the severity of gum disease, and so on.

To modern methods of teeth brushing is shining with special threads. A significant advantage of this method is the aesthetic effect, since the threads are fastened to the inside of the tooth, which is not visible.

After examination of the patient and anesthesia on the lingual or palatine surface of the teeth, a special groove, the depth of which is about 0.5 mm, is sliced. It is in this groove that a special thread, which binds the teeth, allows a uniform distribution of the chewing load. After fixing the thread to the final stage is closing the defect of sealing materials.

This kind of shunting refers to permanent methods and allows for a long time to maintain the correct distribution of chewing load on the teeth.

Regardless of the type of design chosen, all the tires are subject to a number of requirements, which they must strictly meet.

By complying with these requirements, even despite the complexity of the procedure, the shining allows you to save not only teeth, but also their aesthetic attractiveness.

Teeth shaving: principle of method
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