Teeth prosthetics: features and benefits

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Prosthetics of teeth is a medical procedure, which is shown with complete or partial loss of teeth. What are the features of teeth prosthetics?

The reasons for loss of teeth can be a lot - it's injuries, and teeth and oral cavity (deep caries, periodontal disease), and age-related changes.

The loss of several teeth not only affects the aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, but also complicates the process of chewing food and leads to gradual deformation of the jaws, shifts in the teeth next to it and, as a consequence, the bite of the bite. In this situation, the best method of correction is denting.

The types of teeth prosthetics are varied, and each has its own characteristics and benefits.

Removable prosthetics

Removable dentures can be of several types.

Teeth prosthetics: features and benefits
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