Removing plaque, grinding, and polishing your teeth

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Professional cleaning of teeth takes place in several stages: removal of plaque, grinding, polishing of teeth. The purpose of cleaning is not so much aesthetics, as the healthy state of the oral cavity.

Sometimes a doctor prescribes cleansing before treatment. It is worth noting at once that from an experienced and honest doctor you can often hear: "You do not need to remove the plaque, nor grinding, or polishing the teeth." But if deposition provokes the development of diseases, causing discomfort, causes severe smell and bleeding - cleaning is inevitable. Otherwise there is a high risk of developing caries, gum inflammation and other diseases.

Preventive measures

When you visit a dentist, you will be interested in what size and toughness of the toothbrush are suitable for you, which pastes are better to use. The fact is that the doctor will give advice based on your inclination to possible problems and the condition of the teeth and gums. If necessary, the removal of stone and plaque, treatment with a soda solution, grinding and final teeth polishing will be made.

Cleaning steps

As mentioned above, the process consists of three stages:

  • Safe removal of stone and ultrasound;
  • Grinding brushes, caps, tips and pastes;
  • Polishing of teeth with possible coating with protective varnish.

The need for cleaning

A reliable connection of the fixing material (plombir) of the material with the tooth is possible provided the purity of the latter. In this case, any types of deposits are not allowed. The tint of the seal (lining) is selected based on the original color of a clean tooth. In some cases, the doctor may recommend cleaning as an effective preventive measure. And, for example, polishing as a final stage will provide excellent appearance of the teeth.

Proper hygiene

It is important to note that improper self-cleaning of teeth may not only be useless, but also dangerous. Despite the fact that as a hygienic means people are widely used not only brushes with pastes, rinses, tonics and balms, but also irrigators, yorzhiki and flosses, sometimes excessive efforts or the use of other inadmissible tools provoke injuries and inflammation of the gums, chips and cracks in enamel And other serious problems. It is advisable to get a doctor's advice even with the use of banal chewing gum.

Did you polish your teeth, what's next? Careful and regular hygiene of the oral cavity, both independent and medical, is a powerful means for the prevention or operative treatment of mucous membrane and teeth diseases. Live teeth will always be more convenient and better for prosthetics (no matter what materials and technologies they were not manufactured). Strong and healthy teeth allow you to have what you want. Help to feel confident and attractive. But do not forget that polishing and brushing teeth exist, above all, for the prevention of diseases, and then - for aesthetics.

Removing plaque, grinding, and polishing your teeth

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