Teaching blind children

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The most important task for any child's parents is to teach him to take care of his body on his own, to keep him in order, and for the parents of a child with a serious vision impairment, this problem becomes particularly acute.

From how accurately the child is able to wash himself, brush his teeth, dress, eat, and perform other actions of this nature, his place in the children's team, the situation in kindergarten and school, his attitude towards relatives and people around him depends on him.

It is only if a child can acquire all these actions without visual impairment, simply imitating his parents, that the blind child should teach adults, because he is incapable of acting like others, that is, immitating those who are older.

This problem is complicated by the fact that mom and father sometimes know why it is necessary to teach a child, but how to do it with respect to the blind son or daughter - have no idea. They simply do not know how to make a blind or visually impaired child independent in everyday life. And the main task of parents - to reduce the child's dependence on other people as much as possible.

Most often, parents are looking for answers to these questions from typhlopedagogists in kindergarten, trying to take on the experience of blind adults with a great experience of blind life, and sometimes just correct the actions of the child.

There is an easy way to learn self-service skills and another barrier - the resistance of the child himself, he used to get used to all the parents, because of which he lacks cognitive activity, he does not want to learn and avoids taking all possible ways.

Teaching a blind child of any kind of domestic activity

Patience is the first rule of a true teacher. It seems that the child learns lessons very slowly, but this is far from the case. If you go slow, but right steps, remembering that today you lay the foundation for tomorrow's child, then surely everything will come out and the work will be rewarded, although in this case, rewards should not be expected: the child will grow up and he will say everything.

You do not have to strive to teach your child everything at a time. All actions need to be divided into separate parts and wait until the child learns each of them, only then will be a whole.

When teaching a child, it is necessary to rely on his storage of sensory organs, and if he has a vision, at least a small balance, he must necessarily be involved in the process of implantation of knowledge.

It is imperative to accompany your actions with a speech, paying attention to the child at the most significant moments. At the same time, it is imperative to teach the child to accompany their actions with a speech.

Tricks for teaching blind children any action

The hands of the child can lie in the hands of the parents. Driving with his own hands, the father teaches the child to perform the same actions. The kid assimilates them, and they become part of his constant life.

They use joint actions, while the parents take the hands of the baby into their own hands.

When teaching a child to passive actions it is better to stay at its level. For this, the father can sit down or kneel.

Help the child should be smart. The child should enjoy what he did on his own, because how much the baby is alone today - so adult is independent tomorrow.

It is necessary to teach a child only at those moments when all are healthy and calm, and the father and the child are ready to take classes.

It is necessary that the lessons were interesting, for example, to conduct them as a game or thematic exercises.

It is necessary to express your opinion on the affairs of the child, regardless of whether it is positive or not. Thought must be sincere, it is not worth lying to the child: the children quickly recognize the lie and lose interest in the classes.

One can teach a small blind child the set of skills that any person should possess, regardless of whether he sees or not.

Self-esteem begins to form from the moment of its independent activity, and for the blind man it is especially important. He is so much different from others, so full dependence on third-party assistance does not help to form an adequate attitude towards oneself and others. Only being able to do something on their own, a person can respect himself and the work of others.

Teaching blind children
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