Teach your intestine to work correctly!

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For a city dweller, difficulties with digestion and, as a consequence, constipation - the situation is not rare. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, inadequate fluid intake - can there be few reasons?

It is a completely different matter when the difficulty with emptying of the intestines is felt by a pregnant woman or a small child. Fear of harming the body, the elemental lack of knowledge and the fear of being confused with the large number of drugs offered by the pharmacy, put a dead end. And to solve a question - it is necessary.

Why is there a constipation?

Constipation is one of the most common gastroenterological problems in pregnant women, which usually occurs in the period from 17 to 36 weeks. However, the appearance of discomfort is possible even at the very beginning of pregnancy, or immediately before childbirth. There can be several reasons, both physiological and psychological:

• changes in the hormonal background leads to a sharp decrease in bowel activity;

• increased in size, the uterus compresses the intestine, preventing its normal work;

• early toxicosis with frequent appetite for vomiting leads to dehydration;

• impossibility of full blood flow to the small pelvis.

It is often difficult for pregnant women to go to the toilet because they are afraid to push, not to harm the child and not to cause premature birth (especially later ones).

How to help a lazy intestine?

Effective control of constipation during pregnancy always begins with the normalization of nutrition. And in most cases this is quite enough. However, often there is a need for medical assistance. And here it is time to grab a head, because most of the funds for constipation are contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. And contraindications these sounds quite scary.

Of course, it's easier to use an enema or a glycerine candle, but this is a one-time and not always safe solution to the problem. In addition, the system approach works much better than emergency facilities. Unlike irritating drugs, osmotic remedies for constipation do not form the syndrome of the lazy intestine, they can be used for a long time, they do not cause addiction and are admissible during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can also be given to children from 6 months.

The solution is!

How does osmotic drugs work from constipation? The main active ingredient of such drugs is the macrogol. It binds and retains water molecules, and when taken internally - increases the volume contained in the intestines of the fluid. Chalk masses absorb the resulting water, soften and increase in volume. The contents of the intestine presses on its walls, naturally improves peristalsis. The result is a physiological defecation without unpleasant sensations.

Among the osmotic funds for constipation, Forlax® can be noted. It is convenient to use (the drug is available in packs with soluble powder) and has a pleasant citrus taste, which makes it particularly attractive both for legible pregnant women and for young children who refuse to take bitter or nude and sweet medicines. In addition, unlike lactulose-based drugs, Forlakes® has a greater efficacy4, does not require an individual dosage regimen - the medication starts to work 24-28 hours after the first dose.

Another advantage of Forlakes® is the lack of an "addiction effect". Moreover, with the course appointment from 2 to 4 weeks may occur so-called "training of the intestines": normalization of intestinal motility and preservation of this effect after the end of the course admission.

Remember, for pregnant women and children with unformed systems and organs, the most important thing is security and reliability. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of medicine competently and carefully!


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Teach your intestine to work correctly!

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