Tattooing the lips

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The lip gloss is the application of a special pigment to the surface of the skin to simulate natural make-up. The effect of lipstick tattoos has different durations (from a few months to 3 years). The procedure is carried out using special analgesics and cosmetic equipment.

The main purpose of tattooing of the lips is to give a clear contour, fill with color and increase the volume without the use of cosmetics. Good tattoo lip balm has an effective procedure for harmonious design of facial lines and lip shape correction.

When applying a tattoo, you must maintain the natural color of the lips, but add a brighter shade so that they remain harmonious on the face. Before the procedure, the cosmetologist presents a thumbnail that lets you choose the shape and color of the lips. The most optimal option is a natural color with a slight tint (brown, coral, carrot, pink and red). In the arsenal of the cosmetologist, a large number of pigmentary colors, which can be selected based on the type of skin, size and shape of the lips.

Before tattooing of the lips, the cosmetologist chooses the most appropriate type of anesthesia, which is designed to relieve pain, swelling and bleeding. Properly selected medication provides quick removal of inflammation and regeneration of the skin, as well as maintains the quality of the tattoo.

The duration of the procedure is about an hour, as a result of the lip acquire a distinct contour with an underscore of the natural form, removes the pallor and blue, the rim of the lips gets a rich tint, and also may be increased volume of lips.

Ways of applying lips tattoo

The result before and after lips tattoo differs significantly and depends on the method of application. Currently, there are several types of tattooing lips that can be attributed to:

  • Contour stroke, which emphasizes the contour of the lips and adds a natural color;
  • Contour stroke with a fading, giving a noticeable shade, creates a clear stroke and extends the lips a few millimeters;
  • Filling the area of ​​the lips, which is accompanied by their correction throughout the surface;
  • The technology of kyle, which is to increase the volume of lips with the application of pigment light stroke above or below the lips (designed for women with small and thin lips).

Before and after tattooing of lips requires special skin care using antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing ointments.

Positive responses tattooed the lips as a procedure with noticeably visible effect of light glow and change in the color of the lips.

Recommendations and contraindications

Consequences of tattooing of lips, conducted without observance of the basic sanitary rules, can be serious complications, infections and allergic reactions.

Before using the procedure for several days, it is necessary to exclude the use of lipsticks and cosmetic luster. After a tattoo of lips for several days, you can not visit a swimming pool, a sauna, a sauna and a solarium. During the week it is necessary to apply special protective equipment on the lips (ointments, creams, sprays, etc.).

After lips tattoo healing takes place within 5-7 days, and at that time, lips need special care. In order to have healing faster after tattoo of lip, it is necessary to take special vitamin preparations and to avoid ultraviolet rays. Before and after lips tattoo, you should drink antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by your doctor.

The adverse effects of tattooing on the lips can be coarse skin and peeling, so you should use protective balms and moisturizers that have a softening effect.

Lip gloves can not be made with dark pigments, as well as a procedure for immune deficiency, menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation.

Contraindications to this procedure are skin rashes and peeling, diabetes mellitus, keloid scars, symptoms of fever on the lips, open wounds, herpes, cancer and circulatory disorders.

Tattooing the lips
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