Intercepting children can lead to an overestimating self-esteem

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A similar strategy of upbringing may lead to an overestimation of self-esteem, which may have unpleasant consequences for both children and their parents and even the entire team.

Psychologists from the University of Ohio (USA), together with colleagues from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, conducted a study involving 240 children. In an experiment conducted by psychologists, small volunteers were asked to draw a copy of Van Gogh's famous canvas, "Wild Roses." After that, the child received a note of appreciation from an adult who was identified as a "professional artist".

The note of praise was in some of the following adjectives or adverbs: "incredible", "excellent" or "good." In the first two cases, the assessment was clearly overestimated, and the children who received it were inclined to go on for tasks that they were unable to cope with. So, to copy the pictures, they chose more complex images that could not be emulated.

Children who received a more modest estimate, preferring more simple pictures for the following tasks, but they suffered from pressure among children with an overestimating self-esteem - told psychologists.

Their results show that excessive compliments can put an uncomfortable situation on children with overestimating self-esteem and at the same time give too much pressure to children with low self-esteem.

Intercepting children can lead to an overestimating self-esteem
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