"holiday syndrome": symptoms and ways to overcome

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Specialists insist that a working person is so waiting for a vacation and can not then recover for a long time after her, that she is diagnosed with "a syndrome of a vacationer". Therefore, experts have shared some rules that will help everyone prepare for a vacation and return to work in a good mood:

1. Plan your vacation in advance, but do not get too excited. The work exits all the power from you, and the dreams of how you relax on the shore by the sea or the ocean will quickly eradicate you, will weaken your workability, which can lead to fines and comments from the management.

2. Take a break from the middle of the week and leave it also in the middle of the week, for example on Wednesday or Thursday. This way, it will be easier for you to get on leave, as well as returning from vacation, you will work only 1-2 days and will be back home that psychologically adjusts to positive.

3. Do not rest "close". That is, get on a trip in one to two days before you need to go to work. When you arrive home, you will have time to get used to and adapt to the future of everyday life, you will have time to do cleaning in the house, to wash things brought on vacation, to gather with thoughts and with a good mood to go to work.

4. Be sure to take pictures you have taken on vacation, then looking at them in the family or colleagues circle you will immediately rise in mood and force will appear.

5. Make a new hairstyle or buy something new for your image, for example: costume, dress, sandals or summer shoes. Shopping and hiking in the beauty salon always bring the person out of a state of boredom, so do not neglect this advice, especially at work, pay attention not only to your "obscene" tan, but also on how you improved.

6. Do not think about work at all on vacation. The holiday is designed for you to relax and gain strength for the whole year ahead, in this regard, put off the phone to the side and relax at the maximum.

7. Coming out of vacation, try not to clutch for the implementation of very difficult tasks, start with the simplest. Those things that bring you pleasure at work will help you quickly get involved and get stuck. Many will say: "And if I do not like to do anything on my job?" But the experts have a very strong belief: "Work should bring pleasure if you do not like a place, team or responsibilities, then throw this job, yes If not for your leadership, it will not be beneficial!"

"holiday syndrome": symptoms and ways to overcome
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