Symptoms (July 2018)
Causes of numbness of fingers

Causes Of Numbness Of Fingers

Thumbnail numbness is a widespread phenomenon, and not only persons of retirement age, but also quite young people are faced with this problem. The lack of sensitivity of the extremities changes with a sense of tingling, and sometimes a pain in pain. If you exclude such situations when a person is asleep in an uncomfortable position, one can accurately say that numbness of hands and fingers is a symptom of a disease.

Causes of numbness of the head

Causes Of Numbness Of The Head

The causes of numbness of the head are not always associated with any illness. Hyperesthesia of the head and any other parts of the body is considered the norm in cases where a person does not move for a long time or is in an incompetent position. This happens, for example, in an improperly equipped workplace or during sleep.

Dry cough

Dry Cough

Dry cough - a protective reaction through which the body tries to restore the patency of the respiratory tract. As foreign bodies, sputum, dust particles, etc. can act. Cough is a reflex and occurs when the violation of the passage of the respiratory tract, regardless of the desire of man. That is, he is Symptom, an indicator of the fact that in the body certain violations .

How to relieve back pain?

How To Relieve Back Pain?

Before starting treatment for back pain, it is necessary to establish a reliable cause of its occurrence, because it is possible to significantly improve the patient's condition and achieve a stable remission only by acting on the primary source. To relieve pain and relieve tension from the dorsal muscles, both standard methods and time-tested non-traditional practices and folk remedies are used.



Insomnia - is the same visitor who visited everyone, and sometimes even stayed for a long time. Its causes may be completely banal, such as excessive stress or excessive coffee a cup at night. But most of us are mistaken when trying to identify the sleeplessness, because it's not just a lack of sleep, but a set of problems with falling asleep, maintaining sleep during the night and waking up in the morning.

Is there a danger when a mole is ill?

Is There A Danger When A Mole Is Ill?

Birthmarks, or birthmarks, are called nevus in medical terminology. In Latin this is the "birthmark". The appearance of nevus is due to the genetic predisposition. When a birth spot appears much later, at an older age, this does not mean that the nevus refers to acquired skin defects. As a rule, people do not pay attention to birthmarks until they are sore or do not show a strong an itch.

It's hard to walk, pain in the joints

It'S Hard To Walk, Pain In The Joints

The causes of pain in the joints of the legs are various disorders of the locomotorium, caused by trauma, deformation of the feet and other lesions of the joints. In particular, it is difficult to walk with the following inflammatory diseases: osteomyelitis; Chondrocalcinosis; arthritis; Osteoarthritis; Bursitis These disorders can affect all the major joints of the lower extremities - hip, knee, ankle, and also the joints of the feet and toes.

Knee joint pain

Knee Joint Pain

According to statistics, at least one in every second, sooner or later, is confronted with diseases of the joints. And the most common among them are various lesions in the field of the knees. The cause of pain in the knee joint is not always a trauma, very often it occurs due to wear of cartilage surfaces, which usually becomes the first symptom of various diseases.

Lunar delay

Lunar Delay

It can be said that menstruation is an indicator of female health. The most famous reason they disappear is surely pregnancy. But if a woman is convinced that this option is abandoned, there are still many other factors - both dangerous and quite ordinary, which do not cause anxiety. All the reasons should be divided into two large groups: medical and non-medical.

Pain in the buttocks

Pain In The Buttocks

The development of any pathological process in the body is characterized by a number of clinical manifestations. One of them is pain syndrome, the intensity and localization of which often become an important diagnostic tool. However, not always the place of an unpleasant sensation and its source coincide.

Hurt ear

Hurt Ear

In response to the question of what to do when you have an earache, you can get a lot of different tips. From the recommendations to keep the ear warm, take abundant warm drink, to immersion in the ear canal of tincture of propolis or warm decoction of camomile. In folk medicine, everything goes from clove oil to peeled garlic.

Spasm of the vessels of the brain

Spasm Of The Vessels Of The Brain

The human brain is the main regulator of all processes in his body. For the normal performance of its duties, this "commander-in-chief" requires adequate food. It is carried out with the help of numerous blood vessels delivering oxygen to the brain to the brain. The movement is due to the regular reduction and relaxation of the walls of the arteries and veins.

Spasm of the neck

Spasm Of The Neck

Spasm is a contraction of the vessels, nerve bundles, followed by muscle tissue. In the first place the nervous tissue is affected, the regulation of vascular tone is violated. Blood in the veins stagnates, secreted undociated metabolites. In response to the reaction to their appearance there is a further spasm of the vessels, in order to limit the focus of inflammation.

From what lymph nodes can hurt on a neck

From What Lymph Nodes Can Hurt On A Neck

In the human body, the role of a biological filter is performed by organs of the lymphatic system - lymph nodes. These small beans or peas-sized beans contain white blood cells that protect against bacteria and viruses. If lymph nodes are hanging around the neck - this indicates that there is a hearth of infection, since unpleasant sensations often occur during the inflammatory process.

What to do when the spine is sore?

What To Do When The Spine Is Sore?

One of the most common symptoms of many diseases is pain in the spine. The range of causes that can cause unpleasant sensations is wide enough, because any physical and emotional stresses that are being tested are reflected in the condition of the human element's supporting element. Therefore, it is so important when suffering pain in the spine as soon as possible to seek help from a specialist.

Why is spasm of muscles?

Why Is Spasm Of Muscles?

Muscular tissue of a person is in constant stress, because the slightest effect involves the activity of thousands of muscle fibers. Normal functioning of the muscular system requires the elasticity of its tissues, but often after excessive physical activity, the tension in the muscle remains even after its completion.

Why does the whole body hurt?

Why Does The Whole Body Hurt?

Often after excessive physical activity or in the first stages of gymnastics, a person experiences aching pain throughout the body. As a rule, such painful sensations do not last more than several days and pass by themselves after the body receives the necessary rest. However, often the whole body hurts regularly for a long time, which can be a symptom of various very serious diseases requiring immediate treatment.

Why do you have kidney problems?

Why Do You Have Kidney Problems?

Kidneys are a unique body. They contribute to the allocation of slags from the body. In addition, they participate in all types of metabolism, maintain the constancy of the internal environment - acid-alkaline balance, regulate blood pressure, participate in hematopoiesis. If the kidneys are sore, the functioning of many organs and systems is impaired.

Why hurt shoulder?

Why Hurt Shoulder?

There are many causes that cause shoulder pain. First of all, it's a sedentary lifestyle, an incorrect posture, or excessive strain on the shoulder joint. These adverse factors provoke injuries, as well as violations of the inflammatory or neurological nature: osteochondrosis; Molding bond; arthritis; Arthrosis Tendonite; Capsule; Bursitis; Radiculitis; Pinching nerves.