Symptoms of siberian ulcers

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The cyber ulcer is a very dangerous infectious disease that can manifest itself in the form of ulcers on the skin of humans and animals, but can sometimes affect internal organs and tissues.

In the beginning of the 20th century, anthrax was a very common disease in Ukraine, which claimed the lives of many people. Nasrazvitiemsanitary-epidemiological services after the emergence of new vaccines zaboleemostsibirskoy ulcer significantly decreased.

Outbreaks of the disease today are local in nature. Currently, the illness often affects people who work with animals.

Features of anthrax

Pathogen - anthrax bacillus (V.Anthracis). It is one of the largest microorganisms, which, however, dies at high temperatures and under the influence of disinfection.

The singularity of bacilli is the ability to form around itself a powerful zaschitnoy capsule. Such a dispute can withstand 20 minutes of boiling idolgoe time to go in aggressive environments.

For this reason, the battle against bacilli takes a very difficult character. In a capsule, a microorganism can exist for a long time in the earth, up to several decades.

Ways of infection and signs of anthrax

There are several ways to get infected with anthrax.

Allocate the following forms of illness:

  • Leather;
  • Pulmonary;
  • Intestinal

Not infrequently, an acne of the Siberian ulcer falls into the human body through the skin, causing a skin form of the disease. In this case, most often hit the open areas of the body.

First there is a stain of reddish tinge, which is then transformed into copper-red papule. After several hours, a vesicle is formed on the spot of the papule (diameter - 2-3 mm). Its content (initially serous) after becoming bloody.

Disease-sick Syndrome often disrupt the vesicle due to severe itching, sometimes it buries without any other intervention, and where it was, forms a rough black-and-white scab that is covered like a scorched crust. That is why the disease is otherwise called "carbon dioxide".

Stroke is surrounded by infiltrate resembling a shaft of purple color, besides, there is a swelling that covers large areas of the skin.

If the microorganism penetrates through the respiratory tract by inhalation of spores, a pulmonary form arises. For her, it is characterized by high fever, hoarse voice, sneezing, undead, chills. Symptoms of the Siberian ulcers of this form are similar to the symptoms of the flu, so an anthrax at an early stage is often misdiagnosed.

The disease is very difficult. It is of a purely professional nature and is also known as a cloth cloth or wool sorter.

The incubation period of the pulmonary form of anthrax does not last long: in the first hours of infection, the patient experiences a severe weakness, the temperature rises sharply. Then develops pneumonia, pulmonary edema occurs. For the second or third day with the development of cardiovascular insufficiency there is a lethal outcome.

When you hit the basil inward, for example with food, the intestinal form of the disease develops. Characteristic of her features include sharp pains in the abdomen, non-stoppopulation and vomiting.

Treatment and prevention of anthrax

Treatment of anthrax is carried out exclusively in hospitals in infectious diseases.

In order to protect themselves from infection, it is necessary to avoid buying meat on the spontaneous markets, especially from private individuals. It is also important to expose meat products to qualitative heat treatment.

Symptoms of siberian ulcers
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