Symptoms of injury to the knee joint

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The knee joint is the most complicated and largest joint of the locomotor apparatus. Injuries of the knee joint, whose symptoms are fairly obvious, occur very often.

The order of 50-70% of all traumas of the musculoskeletal system of the person belongs precisely to the knee joint. And if it is not timely to recognize the symptoms of such damage, it can lead to a long loss of human ability.

Varieties and Causes of Knee Joint Trauma

Injuries to the knee joint, the symptoms of which are sometimes quite painful, can be as follows:

  • Hemorrhage and damage to meniscus;
  • Damage to the connective tissue;
  • Torsion tendons

The causes of such knee joint injuries, which are hard to miss, are knee injuries or excessive physical abilities of the body. Also, a trauma can result in direct landing when jumping from a height. Any damage will be accompanied by hemorrhage in the joint, swelling and swelling. Naturally, an injured person immediately experiences pain in the area of ​​injury.

Damage to the connection

Damage to the ligament is the most common trauma of the knee joint, the symptom of which is a characteristic crunch, accompanied by pain. In the event of a cross-linked injury, the fragment of the bone is pulled out of the articular head. If in due time do not seek help from a doctor, it can lead to the fact that the torn bunch will simply cease to perform its functions.

There are also such injuries to the knee joint, the symptoms of which in a few weeks will be expressed in increased mobility in the joint, in difficulty when walking on the stairs and in instability.

Rupture of meniscus

In the event of a rupture of the meniscus, the patient immediately experiences a sharp and very severe pain. To check if this is a damaging of the meniscus, the doctor will bend the leg in the knee, and if the pain is felt again, then damage is precisely this nature. Also, a sign of this damage to the knee joint is the inability of the patient to untwist his curved leg independently.

Torsion tendons

Such an injury is usually accompanied by an incredibly severe pain, in which case movement in the knee joint becomes practically impossible or very limited. The very extent of the injury depends on which tendon was injured.

In the event of any symptoms of the disease in the area of ​​the knee should immediately consult a doctor and conduct a professional examination. Especially if it was preceded by a drop or other action that could lead to injury. Timely diagnosis will allow you to start the correct treatment and avoid unwanted consequences.

Symptoms of injury to the knee joint
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